Google Adsense is the mainstay for those writers who want to bring in cash for their words online. It isn't about the actual wordage that pays, but the keywords used within the text to help put the correct ads on the page. From there, its up to the reader, but as the writer you want to make sure your Google Adsense is the tops. Which bring you to maximizing your cash and getting the perfect ads that pay the most: TOP KEYWORDS. Here's how to find the top keywords on Google Adsense.

Things You Will Need

Writing Skills

Google Adsense Awareness

Step 1

Start by heading over to the Google Adsense Key Word Site. This is the basic research tool that offers the average CPC value of keywords you will be searching. This tool will help you find a keyword and supplimental words in groupings to find top keywords. Remember the CPC is the average and can vary as well as the fact that you don't get that amount every click!

Step 2

Now that you know how to find the value of a Google Adsense keyword, you need to find the top Google Adsense Keywords that perhaps others haven't found. Do this by simply starting in your state or major metropolitan area.

Step 3

The obvious selection of Google Adsense is that the wider the selection, the lower the price of the actual keyword. To circumvent this action, you need to be specific as possible. For example, 'Insurance' pays Average CPC of $6 dollars. However, add the regional aspect of Dallas and now the CPC is $22.

Step 4

To use the local or regional element for the Google Adsense keywords, you need to find the list of most written subjects. This can be done by going to any major compulation website, such as Yahoo Buzz and reviewing topical articles.

Step 5

A top Google Adsense keyword would be a word or grouping of keywords that pay more than $25 each! At this point, after discovering the keywords, you can decide to write an article about the subject or cash in on webcontent. The idea of finding top keywords is to do it in groupings. Five keywords in local insurance is more powerful than one that is nation wide!
Google Adsense is a great program, but don't even think you can scam it in some way. Google has security features in the programs that allow Google to watch for self clicking and other unfortunate scams. The more positive work you put in your top keywords the more you will make, legitimately through Google Adsense.

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