Unique homes are sprouting up all over the world. People are living in increasingly unusual homes much more than previous generations. People increasingly choose to live in homes that are underground, in former military bunkers, in tree houses, underwater, odd shapes and sizes and almost any other conceivable shape for a house. The conventional 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house is no longer the norm.

unusual house plans

When you decide on living in an unusual house plan you first have to consider how you are going to build that unusual house. Most unique houses cannot be bought because they simply do not exist. People who build unique homes tend to stay in them for long periods of time, if not for life. The probability that a unique home will be for sale in your area, that fits your specifications, is highly unlikely. With that in mind, it is important to know where to go to look for unusual house plans.

The best resource you will have when looking for unusual house plans is your local library. Most libraries carry entire collections of books on architecture and unusual homes. Within these books on unusual homes are names and contact information for architects who specialize in designing and building unique homes. Once you have found a few architects that you are interested in you should begin by contacting all of them and presenting your idea for your unusual home. Chances are they have either designed or seen a home similar to yours and have sample plans that they can show to you. If you home is truly unique they may offer to take you on as a client and help you design your very own unique house plan. If this is what you want, you can ask for this from the beginning and save yourself a lot of trouble!

If you are unhappy with the architects that you have discovered then you may wish to try and find or design your own house plans. A quick search online will give you hundreds of websites that allow you to create sample architectural plans. If you are tech saavy you should be able to create a workable house plan that you can then transfer to your contractor.

Once you have your plans created you are free to go ahead and start building the unusual house of your dreams. Be wary though as you may attract quite some attention as you build and then live in a house unlike nothing anyone has ever seen!