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Thanks to shows like “Sex in the City” and “Mad Men” today’s fashions seem to have taken a step back into the days gone by.  That vintage look is making a comeback with the fashion forward women of today.  Carrie Bradshaw made wearing clothes your mom used to wear suddenly look very cool.  Matched with beautiful accessories and a new pair of heels, those outfits go well with the new millennium woman on the move.

Where do you find these treasures?  Well the answer may surprise you.  We will discuss where you can find these clothes from yesteryear below. 

  1.  Your Mother’s/Grandmother’s Closet.  Your mother and grandmother were not always the mature adults you see today.  They were young women that dressed the part for their times.  Talk to them and you may find that many of the styles that you are dying to own are still being preserved in their cedar closets or cedar chests.  Take a look and see what great style they had in their time.  You will get the opportunity to own some beautiful clothes and they will feel honored that you thought enough of them to ask.
  2. Vintage Clothing Stores.  Many stores have cropped up over the years to meet the growing need of providing women with the looks of yesterday.  Go through any downtown or midtown area in your large and mid-size cities and you will find many of these retailers.   There inventory not only has dresses, but hats, accessories, and shoes.  You can put together a complete ensemble from this venue.
  3. Estate Sales.  When people pass away they leave many items behind.  Go to an estate sale and see what dresses you can find.  Many people much like your parents have hidden away some of their treasured clothing.  Families looking to liquidate these personal possessions will sell these items for very little.  Some of your best deals are made during this time.  Look into the newspaper and check for the next few estate sales offering ladies clothes and see what finds are waiting for you.
  4. Goodwill/Thrift Stores.  Many people during spring cleaning or moving to a new place throw away lots of clothes.  Thank goodness for the women that takes the time to bag their clothes and take them to Goodwill or their local Thrift Store.  You can find some good deals in these two places.

If you want to look great wearing the fashions of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, there are many retailers that can meet your fashion needs.  But before you go to the retailers, try your mother and grandmother.  You are in for a treat by seeing the great fashion sense of your parents.  Shop around and find the Iconic clothes that mark a time when elegance and grace were key in women’s fashions.  Together you should have a diverse array of vintage clothing that will make a great statement.