Even when you think that you have no extra money to save, there really are ways to save money. Most people live from day to day just waiting for their next payday to arrive. Their money is 'already spent' by the time they receive it. Way too many people use credit cards thinking that they need to. However, if they could actually save some money on the side, they could probably even toss them credit cards that are all just actually costing them money in the long run.

Things You Will Need

Think before you spend, especially if you are using a credit card.

By using cash, you will actually be much more able to save money.

Step 1

Put your credit cards away. By putting your credit cards away, it will be much easier to save money. You can't very well save money when you are already spending money that you don't even have. If you can't afford something, don't go out and buy it. Save up for it instead.

Don't cut those credit cards up, not just yet. You may need them someday, but do not use them unless it is a real emergency. Going out to dinner does not qualify for an emergency. An emergency would be something more like your car breaking down or your roof being ripped off from your house from a storm.

Step 2

Cash your paycheck. This is the money that you will now be living on. If your check is automatically deposited into your bank account, take most of the money out. Always try to keep at least $100 in the bank. Pretend that the $100 isn't even there. This way, there will always be less chance of overdrawing. Overdrawing can be very costly, and for some people, it can be even worse than the monthly interest charges and/or the late charges that they are already paying for using their credit cards.

Step 3

Get a jar, box, or some kind of bank. Every time you shop, save your change. Never pay change for anything. Only pay with bills, unless you want to use pennies. Pennies add up, too, but they add up so much slower and take up so much space. They can make you feel like you are saving alot of money when you really are not. That is a choice for you to make. For me, it hardly seems worth the time rolling them, and you want to fill that jar, box, or bank with the good stuff.

Every time you shop, you need to put every quarter, dime, and nickel that you get back in change from shopping into your new jar, box, or bank. I like to use a nice, clear bank that I bought for about $5. It actually has a battery, and it counts all the coins that I throw in it. I always know the exact amount of coins that I have in there.

Like me, you should enjoy watching your money grow. It is really neat to watch that digital counter going up and knowing just how much money is in there. Of course, you can even use a plain old box. It doesn't matter what you decide to save your coins in, just start saving them.

Do not use these coins unless you absolutely need to. Depending on your circumstances, you can decide to spend them once you reach $200, or once you have saved $20. Either way, decide that before you start saving. You can even decide to save enough money for gas for your next vacation. Just be sure to stick to your decision.

The more you save, the more you should want to save. It may be hard at first, but it really does get easier.

Step 4

Always use cash. When you shop and it comes time to pay, think first. Try to play a little game, and get as many $5 bills as you can. Depending on how you pay, you can almost get a $5 in change every time you shop. When you cash your check, don't ask for $5 bills, but how ever many $5 bills that you get, start saving them.

Start saving every $5 bill that comes across your hands. Put them all in an envelope. Depending on how you shop and how you pay, these bills add up very quickly. Keep saving them until you really need them. Maybe you can actually save enough $5 bills to go on your next vacation.

These tips really work, but you will need to be dedicated to your plan. Although it may seem like you don't have any extra money and you won't be able to save a cent, you will see that this really does work.

If you don't have any exact plans on how you will spend your newly saved money, just save it until an unexpected bill comes in, your taxes, auto insurance, or you can even use it for holiday money.

Tips & Warnings

Once you run out of cash, that's it. You are done spending until you get your next paycheck. So, stock up on essentials before you run out of cash. Don't cheat, or this won't work.

You will actually learn how to budget your money better once you start using only cash and pretending that these coins and $5 bills don't exist.