Working the Harvest Trail in Stanthorpe, QLD Australia

How to get that fruit picking work going and living cheap.

I spent about 5 months out in Stanthorpe (Thulimbah, really) harvesting apples.  It was a lot of hard work and really long hourse.  But during that time I saved enough money to travel to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup and spend a bunch of time surfing around both countries.  I feel so blessed to have done this so I want to give you tips to make your time in Stanthorpe profitable. 

The first thing you want to do before heading out to the country to find your riches working in the harvest industry, is find out if there is work in the first place.  First check the government sponsored "harvest trail" on google.  Then you want to actually call them to see if they need people there.  Sometimes there are far to many workers and it's best not to even go there.  If you get the green light in a sweet time, drive on out there.  Go straight to Ready Workforce.  They have all the connections to the farmers in the area.  Treat the girls in the office really well; they are the gatekeepers to the best jobs.

You'll want to find a nice relaxing place to stay while you work there.  I reccomend the Happy Apple in Thulimbah.  Autum runs the place and she is the sweetest lady in the world.  The place is the cheapest place around and you can enjoy spending time with a very eccentric group of migrant travelers while saving up your cash to do something else.

Work hard and set goals.  I arrived with a goal to save $5,000 AUD.  I almost made it to.  This goal helped me to stick it out when I was cold and wet or when my hands started to bleed and I still had a few hours to go before "knocking off" (end of the day.)  When I was all done I felt like a king!  You can too.

Make your money in Australia and travel to South East Asia or Africa.  With the money I made in Australia, I was able to travel around cheap countries for ages.  This is a great chance to really live up life before you get older and want to settle down.  Tell Autum that Ian the Yank said hi.  She will love you immediatly.