Every weekend is a bargain hunters paradise. Read any local newspaper and you will find listings of the weekend yard sales and a sampling of what they have. The biggest hurdle is planning your route so that you can arrive at the best sounding sales when they start. You must move quickly between the first yard sale and the next to get the best deals!
Instead of using a map and trying to find the best and quickest route try using a GPS navigation system.

Things You Will Need

GPS Unit
Newspaper with listings of Yard Sales

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the local newspaper that lists the local yard sales.
Highlight the sales you would like to attend.
Highlight the day of the week that the yard sale will be held - FRIDAY, SATURDAY or SUNDAY

Step 2

Input the addresses of all of the yard sales you selected.
Save these addresses to favorites.
(I always save them as YS FRI or YS SAT so that I know its a yard sale for Friday or Saturday!)

Step 3

The GPS system will arrange all of the input yard sales in order of distance and take you first to the closest and then the next, etc.
Always delete the yard sale you have just visited so that you only go to the new ones. If you do not delete them it becomes confusing.

  • If you have GPS in your phone this will work also.
  • Always delete the yard sale as you are leaving.
  • The best GPS units are the ones that actually say the street names - they are not that expensive any more!

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that you know your state laws regarding items on you windshield
  • Never try to program or manipulate the GPS unit while you are driving.