Bank Account Codes

If you are trying to figure out how to find your bank account number, don't despair or be embarrassed. There are many reasons a person finds themselves without this information. For one, many people have multiple bank accounts and some don't even appear to have an account number or bank routing number, like an investment account or CD account. Often times, people want to link accounts, like their paypal and such to these accounts where one simply can't figure out how to find a bank account or routing number for a particular account. Luckily, there are many ways to locate this information.

Locate the Account Number on Check:

    This is often the easiest way to find out what your bank information in fact is. If you have checks readily available for the particular account in which you seek information for, locate them. On the bottom of the check you will see three series of numbers, separated typically by dotted characters.

    The first group of numbers is your actual check number. Make a note of this if you are asked for it by a payment processor or a company you are doing business with. The second set of numbers is your bank routing number. Often times people wonder what bank routing numbers are used for.

    Bank routing numbers identify a particular bank. So if you bank with Bank of America and a friend banks with Bank of America, you both will most likely have the same Bank America routing number. The last number in the series on your check is actually your account number.

    Call Your Banking Institution to Find Your Account Number and Routing Number:

    If you can't find your account or routing number on a check, call your banking institution. Remember there is usually a bank account number for most accounts, this includes money market accounts, savings accounts and investment accounts. There are even bank account numbers associated to credit card accounts, but in many instances this isn't made available. Calling your banking or financial institution can help you locate the numbers you need even if typically they aren't provided.

    How to Find Your Bank Account Number

    To Find Your Account Number: Check your online account. This actually may be more difficult in that account numbers aren't readily listed in their entirety on many checking, savings and money market accounts. But what you can try to do is locate your account number by locating your online statement or even a micro fiche copy of your check. Sometimes a transaction to an ACH bank account can come through if you've set up a monthly bill pay with the bank to pay a vendor. On the copy of the check, found online in your account, you can locate your account number and routing number using the instructions in #2.

    Again, please be reminded that even though most financial or banking accounts are associated with an account number and a routing number, some financial institutions will not make them available, these may include credit card bank accounts and routing numbers or even bank accounts attached to retirement accounts or CDs.

      Your best bet is to first call your financial institution or bank to locate your bank account number. And remember not all accounts have readily accessible bank accounts or routing numbers. But information is power, so now you know how to begin to find your bank account number.