Do you feel as though you're wandering about life aimlessly? You go to work but feel like you accomplish nothing. Come home and watch T.V. Then go to sleep. Wake up and repeat. If you feel like you're stuck then it's time to...


How do you know if something is your passion? Well does it...passion

Make you feel inspired?

Absorb your mind completely?

Keep you driving forward, even through tough times?

If it DOES then you really don't need this article. You're already there!

Some people are very lucky, they find their passion early in life. Talented writers turn into great authors. A young high school football star goes to the pro's. A woman who starts baking as a hobby, and turns it into a business.

For others it's not so easy, or obvious. Perhaps your passion is something you've never tried, or something you haven't done since you were a child.

So how do you find your passion?

  • Try a new activity. Go rock climbing, salsa dancing, see a play or go for a hike. You never know what activities can turn into a passion!
  • Talk to new people. Listen to their experiences and learn from them.
  • Take a trip. Even just to an adjacent town that you've never seen. Spend the day exploring. Take note of anything that sparks your interest. Something as small as seeing an old fashioned ice cream shop could remind you of how much you loved the clothing from that time, which in turn could lead to a career in costume design.
  • Take time by yourself. Each day set aside 30 minutes to an hour and just write down all of your interests or skills. Make it an effort to pursue at least one interest every day. You might suddenly find one interest that fills you with immense joy and sends everything else from your mind....this is your passion!
  • Try this exercise: Imagine that you can have anything in the world. List everything you would want; money, a fit body, women, a certain skill, whatever you want. Now imagine that you have everything you want. What do you want to do? If you don't have an answer yet, it's okay. Just try again another day.

Rinse and repeat. You may not find your passion today tomorrow, or even this year. But if you keep trying and experiencing new things and exploring yourself and your dreams, your passion will sneak up on you when you least expect it.