The sheer number of different types of women's underwear is absolutely staggering. The amount of thought that we put into pieces of clothing that people will never see absolutely boggles the mind and is ridiculous. With so many things to take into account like fabric, style, different trends, and even different ways of wearing them, you will want to take a look at what is available and most importantly what is comfortable. Use this information to help you pick your perfect pair of underwear for basically any occasion or instance.

By now you should know which type of underwear you like best. You have been wearing the things since you were out of diapers and you probably can't remember a time when you didn't have to pick underwear out of the drawer.

The high waisted granny panty is one of my personal favorites, but I wouldn't be caught dead in them in public. Next up are the high-waist briefs with the full bum coverage. These are great because, for the most part, they fit under basically anything nicely and still retain almost all the comfort of the granny panties. I also find that bikini briefs made out of cotton with low-rise waists are great for wearing under low-rise jeans and are still really comfortable. Sexy lingerie undies, however, have their time and place but are rarely made of cotton and instead are usually mesh and lace.

granny pantiesI think, for the most part, people think of briefs as the ever so fashionable granny panties of women's underwear. Full on granny panties are the briefs that go up well over your abdomen and bellybutton and completely cover your belly. Although these are not necessarily recommended panties to wear if you plan to get lucky tonight, they do offer some incredible benefits that other panties can't touch. They are great at sculpting your midsection and make your tummy and butt look much more flat and even, even if they already are. There are also granny panties that boast the ability to lift your butt and make it stick out or completely hide it depending on what you're looking for.

briefsRegular briefs are similar to granny panties in that they completely cover your bottom but, unlike granny panties, they don't come up nearly as high. Usually, they will come up to just underneath your belly button and leave just the bottom of your butt hanging out. For the most part, I don't think these are regarded as sexy underwear but my husband seems to like them more than a thong so who knows... Anyways, these tend to be my everyday underpants.

bikini briefsLately, I have been wearing more and more bikini briefs. They tend to be lower cut than regular briefs and, because I have been wearing a lot of low-cut jeans, these bikini briefs have been a godsend. They cover my bottom almost completely but rise a little bit around the thigh. Even with bikini briefs, though, you have the option to purchase low-rise, medium-rise, cotton, mesh, lace, Lycra, etc. The list goes on for days and can really be quite a daunting one. You have to ask yourself whether the panties with "slut" written in rhinestones on the bottom are necessarily your taste or whether you're more of a "white cotton briefs" type of girl.

Although I'm not particularly a very big fan of them, thongs do have their time and place. They are basically completely invisible underneath even the tightest of pants and once you get used to them, they really don't bother you throughout the day; there's really so little fabric that can piss you off.

The first type of thong that comes to my mind is the T-back. Quite simply, it is the thong that makes a letter "T" right above your butt crack. Most of these T-back panties are embellished and they tend to come in many different types of fabric. Try to figure out quickly what you need this pair of underwear for and then decide accordingly.

G-string panties are also aptly titled. Not quite undergarments, G-strings are basically just a couple pieces of string somehow fused together to create probably the least appealing piece of underwear for women. Women who don't normally wear G-strings might be put off by their appearance, but once you get used to wearing them, it's really not that bad. G-Strings come in every fabric imaginable from soft cotton to awful beads.

rio thongMy favorite pair of underpants in the thong category has to be the rio panties. Rio panties go up on the sides and over the hips making them much more comfortable than any of the other thong style undies. You won't constantly be fidgeting with the tiny straps on your underpants because the Rio undies tend to keep everything in order down there.

boy shortsBoy shorts and hipsters are new styles of women's panties growing in popularity because of their attractiveness and comfort. Even though they are styled after boy's underpants, boy shorts tend to leave the very bottom of your butt hanging out which apparently drives men crazy. Picture, if you will, a half brief. That is to say that hipsters are halfway between briefs and a thong. They are usually much more comfortable than a thong but still retain all of its sexy attributes and manage to give you a little more freedom. For the most part, boy shorts are casually designed and rather sporty so that they can be worn daily. They are very basic, cute and most important of all, comfortable.

boxerLadies boxer shorts are also catching on in the underpants trend world. They are a bit looser than the aforementioned boy shorts but are a million times more comfortable. They are incredibly liberating underpants and I think that every woman should have at least one pair.

hipstersI mentioned hipsters above with boy shorts, but they are really a different thing altogether. Hipsters tend to come more often as sexy lingerie than they do everyday underpants. They are usually made of lace and for the most part, are low-rise tooshi-peeking-out underpants that men absolutely love.

I find that boy shorts and hipsters are my new favorite types of underpants because they keep me comfortable during the day and I'm not afraid to seduce my husband with just a T-shirt and my undies on because I know I look good.

paddedOkay. These next pieces of under garments are among the weirder things I have ever heard of or seen, but they are available for those of you who may need them. Firstly, there are underpants with butts built into them. Yes, for those of us girls who were born with no butt whatsoever, there are undies that have butt pads implanted in them. The padding is usually made of silicone or foam to help you attract a mate if the other parts you are advertising are falling short. I like to compare these undies to the likes of water bras because they feel similar while you're wearing them, except it is like you are carrying a pillow around on your butt. You will want to sit down everywhere. It feels awesome.

Crotchless panties are probably the least functional piece of underwear in existence. These are recommended under no circumstances other than trying to seduce a gentleman. There is no way you should ever wear these out of the house, let alone with a skirt on, so do us all a big favor and leave them in the bottom of your drawer, saving them for only very special occasions.

maternityMaternity panties are also a great invention of mankind. They are absolutely necessary if you are pregnant to hold your now ballooning abdomen. Somehow, they manage to stay up even though the shape of your body wants absolutely nothing to do with your clothes. I also found that they had an uncanny ability to make me feel sexy and my husband to be attracted to me. Trust me, quit trying to squeeze into your old panties and give into the pleasures of ones specifically made for what your body looks like right now. You will probably even want to wear them long after the baby is born.

I know it's weird but underwear can absolutely make or break your day. Even though after reading this list it may seem a daunting task to go out and find your perfect pair, don't ever give up hope and make sure that once you have found your perfect pair of underpants, you continue to purchase them.