Maritime laws differ in some respects from land laws due to the terrain (water) and the means of getting around (boats of some sort) and if a person is involved in a boating accident and sustains a serious personal injury the first thing they should ask is How to Find a Boating Accident Lawyer Specialist. Not just any lawyer, not just a personal injury lawyer but a boating accident lawyer.

Things You Will Need

Some need for boating accident attorneys or boating accident lawyers.

Step 1

Almost the first step anytime you go to hire a professional and particularly for a boating accident lawyer specialist is usually to ask friends and family. You know them, their situations and how well you trust their judgment, and they of course will be biased toward you and your best interests. However boating accidents, though more common than we would like, might not be common enough for you to have friends or family with experience with a boating accident lawyer.

Step 2

If you don't have a personal referral from someone you trust, then you can find a boating accident lawyer the old fashioned way. You search for them among advertisements or listings. Usually you will find the most listings for boating accident lawyers online. However it is usually preferable you also have one from your state, so try and make that a state specific search. If you prefer to locate a boating accident lawyer locally you can try your yellow pages or the bar association website.

Step 3

Once you have found some possibilities then it is time to do some research. If you did not find your boating accident lawyer from the bar association then you will want to contact them by mail, phone or via their website and ensure the boating accident lawyer is an attorney licensed to practice in your state.

Step 4

Next contact the boating accident lawyer specialist's office and ask for some references, specify that you would like to speak to former clients he has represented as well. Also ask if the lawyer has had experience in representing your specific type of case. Accidents vary in major and minor details and the more relevant the experience a boating accident lawyer has had, the better the chances he will be able to well represent your case.

Step 5

Once you have decided on one or possibly two boating accident lawyer specialists then it is time to talk with them. Many attorneys will offer a free consultation so they can get to know your case and you can both get to know each other. If you and the boating accident lawyer find you are a match, and they feel they can help you and you feel the same, then your search ends there. If it doesn't work out, then hopefully you have one or two lawyers that were close matches to your needs to try instead.


Tips & Warnings

In every boating accident injury case it is important to speak candidly to your lawyer and tell him all the details as honestly as possible, doing this will help assure you of the best possible outcome for your individual boating accident case.