The healthcare field provides a number of different job and career opportunities a person can choose from. This provides confusion for those new to the field as they are unsure of which specific job to choose. Most people find it easiest to start out working as a certified nurse aide (CNA) as this gives them a glimpse into the healthcare field and the different job possibilities within it. CNA certification is also a prerequisite for many careers such as nurses, surgical technicians or ultrasound technologists. If you want to get your CNA certification, it's important that you complete a CNA class that teaches you the skills you need for this job while also preparing you to meet the licensing requirements of your state.

Things You Will Need

Step 1

Contact local schools. Place a phone call to an admission's representative at local community colleges and technical schools in your area, and ask what CNA classes they offer. Learn what the dates are for the class as well as what medical facility the clinical experience is held at. Most nurse aide courses last anywhere from three weeks to six months depending upon the frequency and duration of class meetings.

Step 2

Check medical facilities. Contact nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals and other medical facilities in your community to learn if they offer CNA training on-site. Some of these organizations choose to do this as it allows them to hire and train nurse aides who are able to start working in their facility once they pass the state licensing exam. These medical facilities may be able to pay the cost to attend the training as well as the cost to get your certification from the state if you agree to work for them for a specific period of time once you receive your CNA license. Even if facilities don't offer a CNA class, it may be beneficial to ask if they'll sponsor you for training.

Step 3

Ask a state representative. CNA courses are governed by the licensing board in your state that oversees approval and denial of nurse aide license applicants. For some states this is the department of health while in other states CNAs are governed by the nursing licensing division. Whichever organization is responsible for nurse aide certification can provide you a list of all upcoming CNA classes being offered in the state. They can also answer any questions you have about getting certified as a nurse aide.

Step 4

Enroll. Once you've identified a CNA training class that works for your schedule, it's important that you follow the steps outlined by the organization providing the training to become enrolled in the class. This may involve taking assessment tests that ensure you can read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations. You also may need to complete an application or enrollment form as well as pay for the cost of the training class. Provide copies of immunizations or a negative tuberculosis (TB) skin test as this ensures that you are healthy for when you complete the clinical experience. Finally, purchase any books or supplies you need for the course. Common CNA training supplies include a gait belt, a watch with a secondhand, tennis shoes and a scrub uniform.


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