A Citizen Chronograph watch is a marvelous piece of Japanese engineering. Combining style with unmatched precision, a Citizen Chronograph watch is an affordable luxury watch that will catch people's attention. Because of the great engineering, Citizen Chronograph watches are easy to care for and are packed with features. If you're looking for a cheap Citizen Chronograph watch, check out the following tips.

Things You Will Need

A budget, some time for research and your wrist size (approximate is fine)

Step 1

The first thing you'll want to do is check out which Citizen Chronograph watch you like. There are a variety of Citizen Chronograph watches out there that range from $300 to over $2.000. Once you have a particular style of Citizen Chronograph watch picked out, look around online and in person for what they cost. This will give you a good idea of what the retail price is and more importantly what a cheap Citizen Chronograph watch costs. Check out the resources section below for additional resources on Citizen Chronograph watches.

Step 2

Once you know what Citizen Chronograph watch you like and what a good deal on it is, stop by a local jeweler or watch dealer. Sometimes dealers will have used Citizen Chronograph watches that are trade-ins or excess inventory (maybe they got a great deal and will pass on the savings).

Step 3

Look around online for cheap Citizen Chronograph watches. There are plenty of online retailers that offer Citizen Chronograph watches. Some of the big names like Amazon, Overstock, or Ebay can have great deals on cheap Citizen Chronograph watches. If you're bidding on a cheap Citizen Chronograph watch make sure you verify the credentials. Look for any obvious signs that it's a fake Citizen Chronograph watch (poor craftsmanship, missing or incorrect serial numbers, bad wear on the wrist strap).

Step 4

While this is a lot less targeted (and requires a lot more patience) check out pawn shops, flea markets and estate sales. Many times valuable items will sell for less than half the retail value and there are always diamonds to be found.

Finding a cheap Citizen's Chronograph watch may take a lot of time and patience but it will be well worth it. The best watch reviews will provide a lot of information on the features of a Chronograph watch which will help you get a good understanding of which watch is right for you.

Tips & Warnings