A cheap laser printer can be good quality

A good but cheap laser printerThese days it's easy to find a good laser printer, the challenge is finding a good, cheap laser printer.This is actually easier to do than you think, once you know what features you should look for and which ones to ignore.I'll show you how to wade through all the models and consider what matters to help you find a good, cheap laser printer.


A good way to find a cheap laser printer is look for one with a low PPM.PPM is the pages per minute.The cost difference between one that'll print a page in 5 seconds as opposed to 8 seconds can be significant.Seriously, does it really matter to you that much if you have to wait an extra few seconds for that coupon to print?Save some money and get your laser printer cheap by giving this particular stat little or no consideration.


Space-saving designs are quite common these days.In order to get your laser printer cheap you'll need to look past this feature and stick with some of the larger, older models.Also keep in mind that smaller models often times give up some paper handling capabilities, and that might not be good for you.


Stick with a low resolution laser printer so it'll be cheaper.You'll get less capability to print photos or graphics but you'll save lots of cash.


Always consider the cost of the replacement toner cartridges when purchasing a laser printer.  Cheap becomes expensive when the replacement cartridges cost lots of cash.  Look at the cost per page also, this'll help you find a laser printer that truly is cheap.  Remember, it's not the cost of the printer it's the total cost that's important.  Most every printer cartridge will list total pages it'll print, divide cost by pages to get cost per page.  Use this as a guide since your usage will determine how much you should factor this in.


To connect to your computer you can go with a direct usb cable into your pc, or connect to your network.The cable will cost about $20 unless you already own one.Some printers have built in wireless capability, this may be the way to go if you already run a wireless network at home. Consider all the points we covered when you're trying to find a good, cheap laser printer


If you still need help finding a good personal laser printer   I would read laser printer reviews on sites like consumer search and consumer reports. They have laser printer reviews written by people just like yourself and can really help you find a good cheap laser printer.