How to find a chronic bad breath cure becomes an issue when you know your breath is not as fresh as it could be and the problem has been going on for some time. Smelly breath is something we all suffer from at one time or another, but it needn't ruin your quality of life or prevent you enjoying social events.

Things You Will Need

Some need of getting rid of bad breath or need of information on how to eliminate bad breath.

Step 1

You can get a boost of confidence and temporary relief from chronic bad breath by chewing mints, gum or using breath freshening sprays, but they will not be a cure. Masking the problem of smelly breath is okay in the short term while you search for ways to stop it completely.

Step 2

Sinus problems which mean you breathe through your mouth may be causing your chronic bad breath because a dry mouth tends to be a smelly mouth. Regular sipping of water can help lubricate the mouth and keep the flow of saliva going, with the added benefit of helping to cure bad breath by swilling out stuck particles of food.

Step 3

Chronic bad breath can also be caused by inefficient oral hygiene. You may think you brush your teeth effectively, but do you also brush or clean your tongue? The tongue can harbor germs and bacteria in the coating that appears after eating strong foods or taking drinks such as coffee, so a cure for bad breath might be as simple as regularly brushing the tongue as well as the teeth.

Step 4

Some illnesses can cause chronic bad breath. Sinus problems have already been mentioned, but diabetes can sometimes produce strongly fruity breath which can be unpleasant. In order to cure bad breath brought on by causes such as these, the condition rather than the breath needs to be treated.

Step 5

Dieting to lose weight is another cause of chronic bad breath, particularly if your chosen weight loss method is a low carbohydrate diet. If you are forcing your body into ketosis through refusing carbohydrate, you are going to have very smelly breath. There is no way to cure this other than to eat more carbohydrate.


Tips & Warnings

Chronic bad breath can also be an indication of more serious illnesses such as liver or kidney failure. Learn to listen to your body, and if you sense that something more than smelly breath may be your problem, seek the prompt attention of a doctor.