Free Contact Lens Trial

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Free Contact Lens Trial - Try Before You Buy

If you are new to the world of contact lenses and you are trying to determine whether or not they are right for you, you might want to try a free contact lens trial. There are a couple of reasons why wearing contact lenses has become more popular of late. For one thing, advances in contact lens technology has resulted in softer contacts, increasing user comfort even throughout extended sessions. In the past, rougher and thicker materials made contacts uncomfortable even in favorable condition. Nowadays, contact lens users can find lenses that remain moist and soft even in difficult conditions for eyes, such as air conditioned offices or extremely dry areas.

One of the potential downsides of contacts is their usually steep price tag. Some boxes of contacts range from $17 to over $40 and may only contain around a month's supply! Factor in occasional tears, losses and other accidents that reduce a pair of disposable contact lenses lifespan, and you're looking at a potentially very expensive routine. This is why new users often opt for a free contact lens trial to make sure they are going to enjoy wearing their contacts lenses before they invest a whole chunk of change.

Getting Your Free Contact Lens Trial

If you think a free contact lens trial would work for you, you have two main options of obtaining one. You can hop online and check out one of the web's many online optometrists' sites - many of these sell contact lenses online via credit card payments and shipping so long as you can produce a valid prescription. Depending upon the various specials each site has on offer, you should be able to pick up a free contact lens trial by entering some basic personal information and uploading a valid and recent prescription for contact lenses. Be aware, however, that many such sites will only offer you a free contacts trial after you have either signed up for a perpetual delivery subscription, which will send you new contacts regularly (and charge your credit card regularly). In order to avoid this, you'll have to either speak with a representative of the site to determine exactly how the promotional free contact lens trial works, or read the fine print very carefully yourself.

If you don't want to take your chances online, you will probably be better off going to an actual optometrist's office and having a regular eye check-up performed. Not only will a comprehensive eye exam help to determine the overall health of your eyeballs and visual system, but it will also give you the most up-to-date prescription possible for contact lenses that fit perfectly and are scaled correctly to your visual needs. Because local optometrists rely on a steady flow of patients to support their practice, many optometrists will offer new or prospective patients a free contact lens trial in order to give their patients an initial break on the price of contact lenses, and to secure themselves satisfied repeat customers as well. If you stop by an optometrist for an eye exam, tell them you would like a free contact lens trial and save yourself a good bit of change as you determine whether or not contacts will fit with your lifestyle and vision requirements.

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