How many different pancake recipes have you gone through only to find that you just don't like any of them? As with searching for any kind of recipes, finding a good pancake recipe isn't the easiest thing in the world. Everyone has their favorite but when you try to make someone else's recipe, it never turns out quite the same. How can you find a good pancake recipe on your own? For a great start, try this recipe.

BananaFirst of all, make sure you are following the recipe carefully. You could be trying different types of recipes and the only consistent factor is that you aren't following the directions. The thing about pancakes is that even just the smallest mistake or variation of the recipe can make a really big difference. For example, if you are making banana pancakes, put in the right amount of bananas. Follow the directions to a T. without over beating the batter. If you over-beat the batter, the pancakes will become tough and flat.What you want is light and fluffy pancakes. If you still have problems, then it might be the recipe.

There are recipes all over the place. Actually finding a recipe should not be the problem. If you don't have cookbooks, there are plenty of pancake recipes available online. Search around on websites and find reviews by people. You might be able to get some extra tips and find out if the pancake recipe really is as great as everyone says it is. Also, make sure you try out. You'll never know if a recipe is bad if you don't try. You might even have to try it once or twice more. Of course, if you tried a second time, make sure you change something or else you'll just end up with the same bad pancakes.

Also, think about why you decided the pancake recipe is bad. If they don't come out looking perfect but tastes great, doesn't really matter? In that case, it probably isn't the recipe. If you are really concerned with the look of the pancakes, look for tips and ideas on how to alter the final product.You can also try adding a lot of toppings that cover the imperfections of the pancake.You may want to try practicing flipping the pancakes a little more, too. Once you find a good recipe, put it in a safe place and stick with it. Once you find something great, you'll find yourself going back to it all the time. You might even find yourself eating pancakes more often.

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Tips for Better Pancakes

After you've found an excellent recipe, it's important to make sure they come out just right. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Don't Overstir the Batter - Batter that is stirred too much will result in tough pancakes. Stirring more will also pop all the bubbles that are important to making them fluffy.

2. Don't press on the pancakes after flipping - Sometimes we get the urge to press our spatula Stack of Pancakesdown on the pancake just after flipping. This will crush all the bubbles making crepes instead of fluffy pancakes.

3. Peak before you Flip - If you think it's time to flip the pancakes, take a second to lift them up with the spatula and peak underneath. You'll be able to see if they are brown enough to flip.

4. Don't use Too Much Butter - Extra butter or oil will cause crispy edges. This isn't a tell-tale sign of a good pancake. However, if you like everything fried, you might prefer pancakes made this way.

5. Serve them Hot! - There's nothing worse than cold pancakes. Serve them hot, fresh off the griddle with butter and syrup.

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Cooking Brunch

You have a stack of delicious pancakes, now what? Brunch is a great tradition for Mother's day, Valentines day, any holiday, or no holiday at all. Serve up waffles, french toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, croissants, toast, and pastries to friends or family.

Plan your brunch ahead of time. Figure out how many people are coming and how much food you need. Ask for help cooking if you need it. Brunch is best served hot. If possible, make everything that day. Some foods that can be made ahead include quiche, fruit salad (without browning fruits), pastries, and other cold items.

Serve your brunch outdoors if the weather is nice!