Home based typing jobs are quickly becoming one of the most popular job searches conducted online. More and more people are becoming acclimated with technology and having it in their home, allowing them the freedom to work at home (if they are able to land a work at home job, however). And, this type of work is still as popular as ever with stay at home moms.

What type of typing jobs exist?

There are a variety of things that anyone can do to earn money typing. You can choose to either work for someone else or work for yourself. The options are completely up to you.

Below are a few examples of jobs and positions where you would make money from typing. Some require experience, while others require nothing more than your home computer and some free time.


It's now easier than ever to start a blog. There are a variety of free blogging platforms on the internet (Wordpress and Blogger, for example) that can help you get started. Simply pick a topic you're interested in and write about it. You can earn money from ads on your website or by selling products as an affiliate. There are people that make thousands a month blogging about their passions and interests, so why not join them?

Data Entry/Clerical

Data entry work at home positions are very popular. So popular, in fact, that finding one can be quite the challenege. Many employers who hire work at home data entry operators often have a waiting list for interested prospects. A suggestion would be to contact local businesses in your hometown to see if they need data entry services or startup your own business and offer it to other local companies.

If data entry doesn't work work out, you can find other opportunities, such as clerical jobs. In a clerical job, you would do things such as typing up papers and other documents for employers.

Writing Articles

Are you a good writer? Maybe you enjoy writing about things you're interesting in? If that sounds like you, writing articles may be something to look into. To make money, you could offer article writing as a service to others or use sites like this one (InfoBarrel) to write and submit articles to (which will earn you a share in revenue that each article generates). Another option is to build websites in different niche markets and promote products as an affiliate. Use your articles to generate traffic to those websites and earn money in affiliate sales. When it comes to writing articles, the possibilities are endless!

These are just a few options when it comes to home based typing jobs. Give one of them a shot - you never know what it could turn into!