Finding a house that meets all of your needs and wants can be an overwhelming search. Restricting your search to just outside of Detroit in the Royal Oak, Michigan area can help refine your search. Before blindly looking at real estate ads or listings, you should have a good idea of what you are looking for and if you want to go it alone or use the help of a real estate professional.

Things You Will Need

Map of the area

Step 1

Make a list of all of the features and things you are looking for in a house. For instance, you may want an open floor plan or a finished basement. Or you may be concerned with getting a two story home over a one story home. Maybe you want a home with a full finished basement or a kitchen with an island it in. Regardless of what you want out of your home, creating this list will help you narrow down your search.

Step 2

Talk with a mortgage lender at your local bank to get pre-approved for a mortgage. By getting pre-approved, you will know what your budget is so that you are not wasting time looking at homes that you cannot afford.

Step 3

Browse your local newspaper to view the lists of homes for sales in the Royal Oak area. Also check online on sites such as Craigslist, Homes By Owner, and For Sale By Owner. If you see any homes that you are interested in viewing, use the contact details in the ad to set up a viewing time.

Step 4

Drive through the Royal Oak neighborhoods where you want to purchase a house to look for homes that have a "for sale" sign in the yard. If you see a house you like, write down the phone number to call about it.

Step 5

Consult with a local real estate agent in Royal Oak, if you don't mind using a realtor. Tell the agent what you are looking for and your price range so that he can show you houses that meet your requirements in the area. By combining some of these steps you can find the perfect house for you and your family in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Tips & Warnings