When choosing a lender, you should use as much scrutiny and introspection as you did to find the perfect house. This choice may turn out to be far more important, because houses aren't forever but some loans might very well be. By choosing the perfect lender for your home mortgage loan, you are making sure that you will save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of stress, worry, and frustration. Think of it like this: it's not the house that causes stress, it's the money that went into the house that causes stress. If you don't choose the right plan then you risk making your otherwise perfect purchase seem like a rather unfortunate decision.

The first thing you should do is ask for recommendations from friends and family. Preferably those who have good financial standing. Compare their financial standing to yours and try to estimate what you should receive as a fair offer. Of course, every profile is different, and every lender is different. What may seem like a big deal to one lender might not be as important to another lender. Keep this in mind and try to understand the formulas behind the decisions of these companies.

Be sure to scour the internet for reviews as well. Although the majority of reviewers are subject to a statistical phenomenon named sampling bias due to the fact that only the most impassioned people will take the time to write about their experiences, you may get a general idea about whether the lender is generally good or generally bad, and be able to compare this to other lenders without having to leave your desk or even place a phone call.

Eventually, though, you should go ahead and pick up the phone. Call each lender that was suggested or researched and get as much information as possible. You will want to compare every last detail of the home mortgage loans that are being offered: APR, points, closing costs, penalties, fees, etc. If you don't know what these terms mean then research them. It is essential that you know what you are signing up for. Also, don't fall for plans that sound too good to be true: they usually are.

Yet if you follow these rules you should come out of the process with the perfect mortgage loan to match your perfect home. As mentioned above, be sure to drill anyone you know for information and suggestions. Than take that a step further and drill the internet for its information. You need to know the pros and cons of each lender, besides the mere statistics you receive when you get estimations (although these too are important).

If you still find yourself unable to make a decision, then there are professionals who can help match you to the perfect plan. These people are called mortgage brokers and they can find you the best deal possible, especially if you have bad credit and are looking for options amongst what appears to be a sea of legalized scams. Of course, don't follow your broker blindly. Always review their suggestions before you sign up for anything, but realize that they are a valuable search tool in the search to find a mortgage lender.