The Philippines has a tropical climate. If this is your first visit in the country then you need to adjust particularly to the weather. There are only two seasons (rainy and hot) in the Philippines. 

If you're looking for a place where you would like to stay for your vacation, there are many hotels and apartments in the Philippines that are safe and affordable. There are also guest houses and condominiums that offer cheaper rental rates for travelers who want to take their family with them during their vacation.



things you'll need:

  • Time to research
  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
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      Find famous travel sites that have forums and reviews from people who have visited and stayed in the Philippines. You can read from their experiences during their stay then compare the best hotels, apartments, guest houses and condominiums for your upcoming vacation. 

      Just enter the town or city name you're going to visit accompanied by the word "hotels" or "apartments" in the search box and you'll see a lot of them as a result. Compare hotels, guest houses, condominiums or apartments that have the highest ratings. Choose three to four from these accommodation places with good reviews. Decide what is best and most practical to meet your budget as well.

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      Talk to a close friend or a family member who had been there or who lives there and ask for advice on where to find a place to stay for your vacation. If you decide to bring your family with you then make sure that the place is an ideal location for the whole family. There are guest houses, hotels, apartments, and condominiums that are located near the ocean, landmarks, shopping malls, parks and unique Philippine scenery for the whole family to enjoy.

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      Call the hotel's manager directly. Get the hotel's phone number by looking at their site. If a hotel staff will answer your call then ask for the manager so that you'll receive the lowest price and best deal especially if your planning to stay longer. Many travelers got the best rates just by talking to the managers for their hotel reservation.

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      Look for booking sites with no booking fees. People working on these sites will negotiate special deals and the lowest prices with each hotel they directly represent. Most booking sites offer the best bargains. There are many good booking sites out there and all you have to do is search them online and compare their prices.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hotels are generally the chosen place when foreigners come to visit the Philippines together with their whole family. Philippine hotels usually give better services and assistance.