A hot tub or spa is a large manufactured or home-made small pool or tub full of heated water that is primarily used for relaxation, soaking, hydrotherapy or massage. In most cases the spas and hot tubs have jets for massage purposes. You will find that hot tubs are usually seen outdoors and are often sheltered not only for privacy but for protection against the elements. There are basically two different kinds of hot tubs:

• There are wooden-staved soaking tubs usually made out of redwood, cedar, teak or a composite
• One piece plastic tubs which are usually known as spas

The water in these hot tubs and spas are usually heated using electric or natural gas heaters.

A spa cover is specially fitted to rest across the top of a hot tub or spa and it completely covers the entire perimeter of your spa. Usually a spa cover is custom fitted for a certain model or make of a hot tub or spa. However, you may find that a replacement spa cover will be designed to fit a variety of makes and models. A spa cover is designed for its ease of use to remove and to replace after you have finished using your spa. You will find that many spa covers are hinged so that the cover folds in half in order to do chemical maintenance to the water without having to completely remove the cover.

The one most commonly seen and definitely the most traditional is the foam spa cover. It is composed of lightweight foam that can easily be taken off and on again. The problem with this type of cover is that it can become, over time, soaked with water that it will be almost impossible to lift and move around. A foam cover is one of the most common discount spa covers.

There is also what you call the floating hot tub spa cover. This is much easier to lift up and it is very inexpensive as well. However, the floating spa cover will not protect something or someone from falling into your spa. If you have pets or little children, it would probably not be in your best interest to get this type of spa cover. Usually this type of spa cover will need to be cut to the correct size as it is not very often that you will find the perfect fit.

In order to choose a spa cover that you will be satisfied with, it all boils down to personal choice. Each one has its benefits as well as negative features. You will just have to weigh all of the factors in order to decide which spa cover will be the best for you and your needs.

If you are looking to buy a discount spa cover, it would be suggested that you use your fingers and shop on the Internet. There are a variety of online stores that will be able to save you money because of their low overhead. Therefore, the savings are passed on to their customers. You may also look in your yellow pages telephone directory to see if there are any discount pool stores that sell spa covers at a discount.