Whether you need to hire a well-established divorce lawyer or a criminal attorney if you are facing felony charges, a Maryland attorney is imperative to help safeguard your finances, reputation, and in some cases, your freedom. Here are a few tips to help you find a reputable Maryland Attorney:

Things You Will Need

- Money
- Internet
- Computer
- References

Step 1

Personal References – One of the best ways to find a skilled attorney is to talk with people in your community or those you know who have experienced the same problem you have. For example, do you have coworkers or neighbors who went through a divorce and can recommend a divorce attorney? Garnering personal references will yield high quality, good leads for lawyers in your area.

Step 2

Business Referrals – In a similar vein, talk with business contacts who may provide services to attorneys or know qualified lawyers in the area. For example, real estate brokers and insurance agents come into regular contact with attorneys and are likely in a position to make an informed recommendation. Or a men's or women's support group may have a list of highly regarded Maryland divorce lawyers or your tax attorney may even be able to highly recommend a divorce or criminal lawyer they know.

Step 3

The NOLO Directory – The Nolo Lawyer Directory is a highly regarded national directory of attorneys. To be listed in the directory, Maryland attorneys must commit to respectful service and verify that they are in good standing. Each listed attorney has an in-depth profile which you can browse to help you find one right for your case.

Step 4

Local Organizations and Councils – If you are in need of a small business Maryland attorney, talk with members of your local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau branch to see if they can recommend reputable attorneys they have worked with or know of.

Step 5

Local Universities – Contact the University of Baltimore School of Law or the University of Maryland School of Law; they may have a list of alumni practicing in the area of part-time professors who still practice in the area of law you are seeking.

Step 6

The State Bar – The Maryland State Bar Association has a wealth of resources for the public including lawyer referral services, which lists the counties in the state (and their contact information) that can provide referrals of a reputable Maryland attorney to residents.

Tips & Warnings

- Be sure to read reviews before choosing a lawyer; ending up with the wrong lawyer can to devastating results.
- Avoid trying to be a "deal-seeker" when it comes to finding the right attorney. You want one that has a great reputation, not necessarily a "great" price.