Are you looking for a place for your wedding that is uniquely you and your spouse to be? Are you having trouble finding a wedding venue in your budget that also reflects the type of wedding you want to have? Read on for tips on how to find your perfect wedding venue.

Determine your budget. Before all else, determine how much of a wedding budget you have. From there, determine how much you want to spend on your venues. Generally, the cost of venues including reception food and alcohol is about 60% of the wedding budget. Take this into consideration when making your initial decisions.

Decide what type of a wedding you want to have. Do you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding? Are you getting married in a church? Do you want to get married in the morning or in the evening? Remember that a wedding in the afternoon is generally cheaper than a wedding in an evening wedding. If having a wedding in an expensive venue is important to you, consider having a wedding earlier in the day, or on a Friday or Sunday.

Research spaces. Begin by checking wedding websites such as for places specifically catered towards weddings. However, don’t leave out Google searches. Use keywords such as your zipcode with “weddings,” “receptions,” “catering,” “wedding packages,” etc. It’s very surprising how many other venues you can find this way as well.

Put all of your potential venues into an Excel spreadsheet. As you begin gathering information on the different venues, you can add them into columns beside each venue name. This provides a great organized way to keep track of all of your venues.

Check venues for reviews. As around on wedding forums such as on or to see if anyone has any experience with the venues you are considering. Many times, brides are more than willing to help one another out. If someone has a particularly good or bad experience, most times they won’t hesitate to let you know. Make sure to add their remarks to your spreadsheet.

Finally, begin contacting the top venues of your choice. Many times, venues can send you a catering price sheet so you can see if they fit into your budget. If not, feel free to ask them what they can do for your budget. Set up appointments to go visit them, and select the venue that most matches all of your requirements. Additionally, pay attention to the banquet manager who shows you around. More than likely, they will be the ones managing your big day, so make sure it is someone who sees professional and trustworthy.

Choosing the wedding venue is the first step in planning your wedding. Your venue determines all other aspects of your wedding day, and is probably the most important wedding planning decision you will make, aside from selecting a wedding gown. Follow this guide, and you will be sure to make the right decision.