Working from home can be a great way to stay home with your kids, save on gas and hang out in your jammies! Here are some tips to help you Find a Work At Home Job for a Call Center.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Work at Home Call Center Job

Begin by searching the net to find legitimate "Work At Home" call center job opportunities. Some Call Centers include: LiveOps, Alpine Access, WorkingSol and West At Home. There are a number of forums that have done the work for you and include lists of legitimate companies that have Call Center jobs.,,, and are great places to start.

Step 2

Check out each Call Center on the list to see which ones appeal to you.
Some things to look for: Some pay by the hour others by the minute you are on the phone. Some require you become an independent contractor and file your own taxes; others hire you as an employee. Some require that you pay a credit check/background check fee. Read about the different companies and get a feel for them in the Work At Home job forums listed in Step 1 and at the companies websites.

Step 3

Make sure you meet the requirements for the companies you like. Most Call Center websites will tell you in the Careers section what you need in terms of a computer, phone line, and prior work experience and education.

Step 4

Apply to more than one Work at Home Call Center Company. Many companies take months to respond and competition is fierce. One company states they had over one hundred and fifty thousand applications and only hired 2-3%.However, more and more companies are using work at home call center jobs to save expenses.

A Work at Home Call Center job can be a great way to stay home but keep in mind it is a job and you will be given job evaluations and have to meet standards like a regular in office job.

Tips & Warnings

Salaries for Work at Home range, but generally start around $9 for employees. Independent contractor positions vary depending on the job.

Though some Work at Home companies offer benefits, these usually don't start until you have worked for them for 90 days and they are often very limited.

Check your spam pile for emails from Work at Home companies as they may be filtered by your email server.

To Earn at Home check my website for an extensive list of Work at Home Call Center Jobs.