Alternative medicine may be the best choice for you, but how do you find a provider in your area?

Western medicine has provided society with innumerable breakthroughs and medical advances, but western medicine is not for everyone. If you are looking for a new twist on medicine that is more natural and less scripted, naturopathic medicine may be an option for you. This type of alternative medicine has offerings ranging from massage therapy, to herbalists, to naturopathic doctors who receive extensive training similar to that of traditional medical doctors.

Search Sites Associated with Alternative Medicine

Online databases of medical providers are a dime a dozen, but there are a few that specialize in only show casing alternative medicine. One website you can start with is, where you can search based on the specific type of practitioner you are looking for. This site lists nutritionists, massage therapists, herbalists and other specialized care providers including naturopathic doctors. If you are looking solely for a naturopathic doctor who is certified in this area of practice, the search function available through is a wonderful tool. By searching with this tool, you get the doctor’s contact information, their website, and information about the areas where they specialize. All of the medical providers found through this search function will have achieved the ND designation, meaning they got their doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

Seek Out Recommendations Locally

Alternative medicine is not a topic commonly discussed among neighbors and acquaintances, however if you ask a few simple questions you might find a great local practitioner. Start with those you know may have an interest in alternative medicine like your massage therapist or your neighbor who you have noticed shops at the local health food store. If these options do not give a good recommendation, try asking basic questions of those who have a larger network than you do. One effective option is to ask at the local health food store, or check the community posting boards at such stores. Something as simple as striking up a conversation with a fellow shopper at the natural foods store could lead you to a possible alternative health provider. Another option is to quiz the stylists and technicians that work at your local full-service salon or day spa. Your regular hair appointment could yield a tip on a naturopathic provider if the massage therapist that works at the salon has a lead for you.

Interview Prospective Providers

Hopefully through your search efforts you have at least three alternative health providers that are within a reasonable distance. Taking the time to interview at least three providers is priceless when it comes to finding the right alternative medical practitioner for your needs. Treat the interview as an opportunity to compare your needs to what the provider can offer. Ask about particular challenges you have experienced thus far in your health care history and see how the provider would address such issues in the future. Pay attention to the little aspects like how the question is received and if you feel proper thought is put into the answer. Take time to carefully observe the staff and facility as well. Interactions between various staff members can tell you a lot about the office and if it is a place where you can receive the care and attention you need.