If you find yourself in need of an attorney whether it is to defend you in a lawsuit, to draft a will, or to start divorce proceedings, you may not know where to turn to find a lawyer to hire.  If you are in need of legal representation, this article will offer suggestions on places to find an attorney.

Word of Mouth
The first place you should turn when trying to find an attorney to hire is your network, including friends, family, colleagues, and associates.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to hire a lawyer and the best way to get an honest evaluation of the quality of the lawyer is to ask someone you know and trust.  If any of your friends or colleagues are attorneys, ask if they can recommend a good attorney for your specific needs.  You want to avoid hiring a friend to represent you as it is never a good idea to mix friendship and business.  Have any of your friends hired a lawyer  recently for the same reason you need an attorney? If so, ask them what attorney they used and what they thought of him/her.  You will feel much more confident hiring a lawyer with a proven track record and with a recommendation from someone you trust.

Bar Associations
If no one in your network of friends can recommend a good attorney, try contacting the your state bar or local bar associations, they can offer recommendations on qualified attorneys that fit your specific need.   The American Bar Association is a national law association; however, your state or county bar associations will be in a better position to recommend a qualified attorney in your neighborhood whose specialty can meet your legal needs.  You can get contact information for your local state or county bar association by performing a simple internet search.

Another resource for finding lawyers to hire is the online website, FindLaw.com.  You can search FindLaw for attorneys by areas of law they specialize in and where they practice.  FindLaw is a national site, so make sure to search for attorneys near where you live or where you are in need of an attorney.  Lawyers generally specialize in different areas of the law and are not experts on all of the various facets of the law; therefore, make sure that you search for a lawyer that specializes in the legal field relevant to your legal needs.  For example, if you are looking to have a will written, you should find a lawyer who specializes in trusts and estates.  If you are being accused of a crime, look for a criminal defense attorney.  If you have been involved in an accident, look for a personal injury attorney. 

The Internet
Finally, if all else fails, turn to the internet.  A simple "Google" search for attorneys or lawyers, the type of law you need, and where you live will give you a list of attorneys to reserach.  You may also may also be able find reviews of the lawyers you are considering by searching the internet.

Good luck in your search to find a qualified lawyer that meets your needs!

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