There are many handy men available but you would only want the best of them to tackle your maintenance services.

If you lack the skill necessary to perform the repairs and maintenance around your home then you would need the services of a trusting handyman. A handyman is essentially a skilled person in many areas of maintenance and repairs.

Not all handy men are proficient in their trade. Like in any other field of work there are regular and world class performers.  Here is how to find and keep a skilled handyman for all your maintenance needs:

Personal Referrals:

The first place to look for a skilful handyman is to ask your friends, relatives and neighbors. A positive recommendation from one of these sources is often the safest way to locating a really good handyman.  Once you get a recommendation, be sure to interview the handyman and take a look at some of the work done. Some of the qualities you will review are friendliness, neatness, cleanliness, reliability, promptness and quality of work.

Bulletin Board:

If the referral method did not produce any good results then you could take another worthy route. Prepare a flyer with the qualities you need and post it on bulletin boards at your local hardware stores and building centers.  But, obtain the permission from the owners before your proceed to do so.  They would be happy to post your flyer as the handy men usually support the stores by purchasing the needed materials right there. 

Classified Advertising:

Another way to obtain a good handyman is by advertising in local throw away newspapers.  You can call the classified section of the local newspapers and place your ad over the phone and they will bill you later, most of the time. You must insert your ad under the right heading so you would receive good prospects for interview. When a handyman calls, make a list and screen them from best to worst.  Make up a short list of the best candidates then call each one for interview.

It is important to note that you must ensure the handyman you choose has the proper licensing certificates, insurances, and other credentials to cover any liability caused by accidents while they work on your premises.

Internet Advertising:

There might be a website that caters for repair services within your area.  You can perform a Google search to find a site and through this site you can check under the various categories to choose candidates who look qualified for the job.  Then, you can contact them on the phone and make the final selection.

When you take a systematic approach to find a handyman as indicated, it is very likely that you would have hired a reputable one for a very long time for all your maintenance and repairs at your home or workshop. After taking all these steps to find a good handy man from your handy men lists, you will find that the good ones are worth every penny you pay them.