Whether you love iTunes or are a music lover, there is nothing better than free popular music you enjoy listening to. Add the variable that the music downloads NEED to be legal and you might be walking on thin ice. However, you don't need to worry as there is one solid way to find free Music. Here's how!

Things You Will Need


Internet Access


Step 1

Start by taking a moment and jotting down what types of music you like listening to. Rock, Classical, or even alternative, there is plenty of free music out there for you to find. Now that you know the types of music, go a step further and write down some of the groups or individuals you would like to hear on your play list.

Step 2

From the composed playlist, you will need to open a window in your computer for Internet. This is going to be your primary source for finding the perfect tunes.

Step 3

The obvious choice of finding groups or individual music is to plug the information in to the search engine along with the words 'free music'. While this is a nice idea, it isn't going to get you very far as everyone does this. What will find you the music is the individual sites. Take for example, Collective Soul. When you find the bands official website, you will notice free downloads at the site that you can't find on the search engines.

Step 4

Another perfect example is Mariah Carey and her latest album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Fans can go to her 'official' website and take a few minutes to listen, browse and download the tunes they want to hear. There will be some singles that are need to be bought and others that are free, it is just a matter of looking. And who can blame the artists for making a few bucks, they need to eat too

Step 5

The idea behind giving away free music for performers is that fans appreciate the sounds and will buy the music that isn't given away so the artists actually gain listeners. That being said, the best time to get new free songs is when the album is first being released.

Step 6

Another way to find the perfec free song is to keep an eye on Amazon. This online retailer lovers giving away stuff including downloads that are for a limited time. Sign up for their ezine to be delivered to your door for all the latest free downloads. There is nothing illegal about taking what is freely offered, but don't be unwise and steal intellectual property. Record companies have been ruthless in tracking down those stealing with shared files and it just isn't worth the price of a download on iTunes.

Tips & Warnings