Card Trick

Have you ever been bored at a party or with your friends and you wish you knew how to do a cool looking card trick? Many card tricks require a special deck or a lot of time to practice, and some even require you to try to hide cards in awkward places. Here is an easy and impressive card trick you can do in just a few steps.

The only thing you need to do to prepare the deck is to remember the card on the bottom of the deck. It doesn't matter which card it is, as long as you remember the card on the bottom of the deck-this part is crucial for the card trick. If you have a bad memory or think you might forget put the ace of spades or some other memorable card on the bottom of the deck. It should be relatively easy to look at the card on the bottom of the deck, but if you need a more subtle way to do this shuffle the cards a bit until you get a glance at the bottom card.

Now that you have the deck prepared you are ready to begin the card trick. Find a willing volunteer and ask them to pick a card. At this point you can fan the cards, go through them one by one, or lay them out on the table somehow-all that matters is that they don't pick the bottom card. If you fan the cards or starts going through them slowly, chances are your volunteer will pick a card in the top half of the deck. (Generally people want to remain as discreet as possible and so will pick a card from the middle of the deck somewhere).

Once they have picked a card you of course ask them to remember the card and insert it upon the bottom of the deck. This is the tricky part of the card trick. Usually they will become suspicious that you ask them to place the card on the bottom of the deck. To absolve your audience of any suspicion, you will want to cut the deck. After you cut the deck a few times you can let them cut the deck. (The chances that they will cut the deck separating the two cards you need is incredibly slim). If you are careful about how you shuffle you can even shuffle the cards a bit, but that takes a bit of practice.

To finish the card trick you will need to find your volunteer's card. A showy and impressive way to finish the trick is to turn the cards face up, and spread them across the table. Once you have located the ace of spades, or your equivalent card that was placed on the bottom, your volunteer's card should be directly on top of it. Simply pick up their card and say something impressive, and nobody ever has to know what card was on the bottom! An easy and impressive card trick in a few easy steps.