A cordless clothes ironLet's face it, we all hate to iron our clothes, but with the wrong clothes iron an annoying task can become downright unbearable. In the end every clothes iron does the same thing, gets the wrinkles out of your clothes, so what's the difference between a $15 clothes iron and a $75 clothes iron? Well, read on and find out what all those different features mean and what they actually mean to you.

How much power should the clothes iron have

An underpowered clothes iron takes seemingly forever to get to operating temperature and even longer to produce an acceptable amount of stem. The best steam irons will come to temperature fast and produce tons of steam. Make sure you choose a clothes iron with at least 1500 watts of power if this matters to you.  Note:  A lightweight steam iron sometimes is underpowered to reduce weight.

Make sure the clothes iron has an accurate temperature control

It really only takes a few degrees too hot to burn delicate clothing. The best steam iron will have a digital temperature control, just like an oven temp control can be way off so can a dial heat setting on an iron. Try to get a clothes iron with a digital temperature control if you have delicate clothes to iron.

Are there any safety issues when it comes to a clothes iron?

There certainly are, consider the following..

  • Make sure you get a clothes iron with an auto off feature, the last thing you want is to have your clothes iron on all day while you're at work, while this is now a common feature just make sure it actually says it has it.
  • Choose a cordless clothes iron if you have kids or pets running around, kids and pets are notorious for pulling on cords and knocking things over without caring about it.  With a cordless iron you won't have this worry.
  • If desired, choose one with a sturdy stand that can hold the iron while you're not using it, such as when answering the phone or tending to laundry.

Any other features I should look for when purchasing the best steam iron?

Here's a few things to consider, not as important as the above features but usually can add to the price, so keep this in mind and only seek these out if they truly matter to you.  These here will truly determine the cost difference between a cheap or expensive iron.

  • Auto cleaning, this is pretty much standard on every clothes iron now, but make sure the box actually states this.
  • A clothes iron made of metal will be more durable if you drop it, and easier to clean too.  However, if safety is a concern it'll also get hot.  Plastic stays cool to the touch.
  • Look at the size of the water tank, and also if it's capacity is at least 6 ounces. Some tanks are smaller, so they can advertise their iron as light weight.  This isn't an issue if you do small amounts of ironing at a time.
  • A clothes iron with a precision tip is nice to have, especially if you'll be doing dress shirts as they can iron the collar nicely.
  • Make sure there are multiple steam settings, and at least 300 or more steam vents.
  • Look at the sole plate, this is the part of the clothes iron that actually touches your clothes.  A verly good iron will have titanium for effortless glide, however, ceramic is getting more popular and worth a close look.

Here's an example of a top notch steam iron available on Amazon.

Here's a great, detailed article to read if you're interest in a good cordless steam iron, whether for safety issues or ease of use.

How much does a great clothes iron cost?

It really depends on the features, not too mention if they are on sale or not.  One way to save some more money is to use ebates for a few additional dollars of savings.  I also suggest you read steam iron reviews on such sites as ConsumerReports or ConsumerSearch. Steam iron reviews on these sites are written by unbiased users just like yourself and often times will list the lowest prices right on the steam iron reviews. You will of course also find many useful links right no the page too.