TDollar Store Dealshere are many types of dollar stores out there, but this article is about the dollar stores that actually sell every item in the store for $1 or 99 cents. You can find some awesome deals at these stores, but you have to be wary about some items. Here are the things that are great deals at dollar stores, and the items that would be better bought at another retailer or discount store.

What You Need:

* Desire to buy quality products for a dollar.

What to Do:

First, you need to find out which dollar stores in your area are actual "dollar" stores. A lot of places have a name with the word "dollar" in them, but they are actually just a regular discount store. Look up dollar stores in your area online to find out what kind of pricing they offer, or, just go into them to see.

When you find one that sells all items in the store for one dollar, then gather up your ones and change, and head out to do some bargain shopping. But, don't think that everything there is a great deal. Here are the things you should buy at the dollar store. First of all, wrapping paper, wrapping bags, bows, and anything along those lines are really great deals. You can't find those types of items for cheaper anywhere. Also make sure to check out the cleaning supplies. They have all kinds of household cleaners, laundry detergent, and dishwashing detergent. These are must-buys at the dollar store. They even carry brand names. Band-aids and personal care items are great at the dollar store as well. You can get a full-size box of kids Band-aids for a buck, but even in Wal-Mart or Target, as small box is $1.88 at the cheapest. All of their toys are a dollar as well, so it is a safe place to go if your child is getting some type of reward and get's to pick out a toy. They are not all the best quality, buy it saves you from your child throwing a fit at the

Items that are not the best deals at dollar stores, and you should steer clear of are paper products like toilet paper and kitchen utensils. I say the paper products because you just can't get a decent quality toilet paper for a dollar. That is one thing you may want to pay extra for. I also say to pass up the kitchen utensils because they are really poor quality and flimsy. You most likely won't be satisfied and will end up buying a more expensive item later. I bought a pizza cutter that bent in half the first time I tried to cut a pizza.


* Use your own good judgement on quality, but if you have never been to a dollar store, make sure to check one out. They have lots of cool stuff.