With utility prices sky rocketing and with winter closing in fast many people might be concerned about the cost of their domestic energy use this year. There are ways to keep energy costs down and one of the simplest ways to do this is to shop around for a great deal on electricity tariffs.

There are many electricity suppliers  so households have a wide choice of companies to choose from. The problem is where to start. Each company has their own great deals but not all of those options will be suitable for every household. Every household uses their energy differently. Single person households for example will not use as much as a large family, those who work at home will use more than those who go out to work.

Comparison Websites   

Most homes have access to the internet which can be one of the best resources to use to find the ideal utility company offering the best deal for each individual need. It is possible to trawl through all of the websites for each company, compare their tariffs and make an informed decision.

There are also several price comparison websites which will save you the time of looking through each site individually. These sites are generally not biased towards any utility company, but offer the basic facts for each deal currently on offer. Not every company is registered with the comparison sites because only the bigger companies with bigger profit margins will pay the required commission.

When you think you have chose the right deal, check out a few review websites. Forums and review sites are a great place for people to air their views, and you can see the reality of dealing with each company.


Many people will only deal with a company that has local call centres, the forums and review sites will have complaints from consumers who have had unsuccessful dealings with foreign call centres. You will be able to deduce from the comments whether your chosen utility company is right for you. After all, it is not always about getting the best price, customer service and after sales support is also important may people. How problems are dealt with comes top of many people’s lists when choosing their household utility company.

Dual Fuel Deals

Did you know that if you have your gas and electricity supply with the same company this can also offer discounts on your bill? If you are looking to save money then this could be a great option for you. All of the major suppliers can offer both of these utilities and each will have their own rates per usage.

Pre-Pay Meters

If you can budget well and manage your finance each month, you may want to stay away from the pre-paid meters in the home. Pre-paid electric meters are great for those who do not like to get a large bill each month or quarter and you just top it up as you use it. However, to have these meters the tariffs are usually slightly higher than an ordinary credit meter. This means that if you are on a pre-paid meter you are paying slightly more per unit of electricity than if on a credit meter. Swapping the type of meter you use can offer you a better deal and save you money on your bill.

So the best deal is not always the lowest price and shopping around could shave off 5-10% from your bill.