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How to Find the Best Medical Spa

Medical spas (also know as Medi-Spas or Med Spas) are a combination between a Day-Spa and a Medical Clinic and operate under a certified physician. Med Spas perform noninvasive skin treatments as well as basic medical procedures for personal beautification.

Things You Will Need

A Phone
A Computer

Step 1

Find out what they offer; Med Spas usually provide

Laser treatments


Moderate chemical peels

IPL photo facials

Hyaluronic acid injections and

Botox injections

Medi Spa

Step 2

Look for specialized Clinic; they have more expertise and experience in the area the procedure you're looking for. They are far more likely to be an accommodating and healthy service for you and your body than "franchise" clinics. Franchise clinics are aimed at providing a wide range of services to many people and have the fastest turnover rate possible. Find a clinic that specializes to your needs and you will get service that is comfortable and accommodating.

Step 3

Talk your dermatologist, they of all people, will be very knowledgeable upon this subject and will be happy to help you in finding a reputable and well-known spa establishment. You can also talk to your dermatologist about the kind of procedure you're looking for and what you can expect as well as the possible side effects.

Step 4

Read reviews online. This is a sure way of avoiding the lower end spas in finding the places that truly value their customers. You can also join online groups and newsfeeds to find the best known and liked spas in your area.

Step 5

Check their web sites; good Med Spas will have an up-to-date and information on their web site on the types of services and prices available as well as who the practicing physician is and what certifications they have. Any procedure beyond a facial should be performed by an M.D., a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner.

Step 6

Don't be afraid to ask questions; you can phone any spa that you're interested in to find out things such as; what to expect, how to dress, how the tools are sanitized, what the etiquette is, what the qualifications of the practitioner are, etc.

Step 7

If you're looking for something light; Browse through your local mall, they're generally good places to find a variety of different spas. It's easy, fast and can be a lot of fun. Compare prices and services and you'll quickly get an idea of what is best for you.
Spa Pedicure (32327) Remember, you are there for your health and well being, find a place that is tailored to your needs and enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

When entering the Med Spa of your choice, you should be seen by the physician and asked for your medical history. All your questions should be answered openly and any evidence to the contrary should be noted.