Blogs and News Sites

The best way to increase one’s knowledge in a range of topics is to subscribe to blogs or news sites that offer the type of content you will most likely also produce as a freelance writer. Blogs and news sites are updated on a constant basis, which means you will have a steady stream of information being delivered into your inbox or feed reader on a daily basis. This keeps you constantly informed. This means when you are required to write something about a certain topic with a tight deadline, at least you’ll have stored knowledge that could get you started. It may require you to do more research but you will have a running start if you are well informed.

Article Submission and Knowledge Sharing Sites

While blogs and news sites having seasoned journalists and experts running the show is a good thing because you know most of them are reputable, they lack the two-way communication part of knowledge sharing. You can find this missing link in knowledge sharing sites and article submission sites.

Article submission sites or directories give you a wealth of content and information from different types of people including experts and regular consumers. As a freelance writer, you can learn a lot from these sites not just in terms of the actual information in the articles, but the techniques, strategies, and skills involved in composing engaging and interesting articles regardless of topic.

Knowledge sharing sites also give you this wealth of information in the form of articles, but they offer more than that. Sites like Knoji put the focus on the communication between experts and consumers via the Q&A system and the forums. If you’re doing research here, then you have more than just the published articles to help you out. You can actually use the robust Q&A system to ask the experts and even other regular writers such as yourself about the topic you are researching on.

Knoji - Knowledge Network

The Search Engines

While using search engines like Google and Bing can be convenient for some, it can take a lot of time and effort to find the exact piece of information or idea you are looking for. There could be dozens of articles out there about the same topic. This is only recommended if you are starting from scratch and you need to cast a wider net on your research. Otherwise, stick to reading your blog and news site feeds and your favorite knowledge sharing site for a more efficient way of finding the exact information you are looking for.