Getting the best deals at Second Hand shops can mean more money for your budget. Shopping at these kinds of shops can be easier on the budget anyway, but knowing how to find the best deals at second hand shops can save you even more.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Search for all the second hand shops in a specific area. Using more than one shop to shop at means more bargains and finding more of the things you like. Use your search engines to find all your local second hand shops. Don't forget to check the yellow pages. Not all second hand shops are online these days.

Step 2

Shop on Mondays. This makes sense because most people take their items to the shops on the weekends. People who work during the week especially will drop off things on the weekends. If you get to the shops on Mondays, you have the absolute best chance to get the best items possible.

Step 3

Sign up for mailing lists. Most second hand shops run specials and sometimes have coupons. They will usually notify you by mail or email when they are running their specials during the month. Don't pass up this extra incentive to have access to the best deals at Second hand shops.

Step 4

Shopping online can be a very beneficial way to find most anything. Whether it's Ebay or Craigslist, this is an easy way to shop at home. The down part is that you will have to pay for shipping, unless it is close enough to pick up. Still, there may be some benefit if it's a hard to find item that is really expensive. In this case, it may save you a ton of money to buy it second hand online.

Step 5

Look for the sales racks. Most second hand shops have a designated sales rack that is marked down. These racks are not always at the back of the store. I have seen them in the very front as well. Look for end of season mark down racks. These are items they want to unload so they don't have to store them for next season. If it's something that is basic and won't be outdated next season, like tank tops and sleeveless blouses with basic styles, it may be well worth buying.




Second hand stores are not necessarily used clothing, although they have been previously bought and owned. I have found many items with tags which were never worn before.

Tips & Warnings

Most sales are final so you won't be able to return items.