You may stay right opposite one of the best surfing beaches in the world and everyone will be wanting to know why you would want to head off anywhere else. Then there are those people, who only manage to get in a couple of weeks of surf a year.

These guys and gals can't wait to escape the inner city madness and take off towards a place like California or Bali. Of course, you don't have to go to one of the top surf spots. You'll be able to have your own unique experience at a place that is less known. Organizing this whole trip can be a real mission.

learn to surf

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You have to find flights. You have to find accommodation and this is not easy because you should be looking for something cheap and cheerful. What surfer wants to stay in a 5 star hotel? These are far and few between. There are those people who want to make a family affair of it and take their kids with. This is a great idea - it certainly beats Disney World!

People think that surf travel packages rip you off most of the time, but if you find something that everyone is talking about, you will get a good deal. You will probably save yourself a lot of money in the long run because these guys know about cheap flights and cheap accommodation. They have been dealing with the right sort of people. Usually they are surfers themselves so they know what surfers want and so this helps a lot.

What are looking for in your vacation package deal?

Baically, it is you who is going to make your trip a killer vacation. To make this happen you have to communicate with the agency and tell them what you want. If you are looking to escape with a couple of friends and head for Bali on one the beaches that is going to provide you with some waves to write home about and don't tell them this they may just set you up at a surf camp.

Often people want to learn to surf and by using an option like this, it means that they don't have to buy anything and organize anything. It's actually a good way to spend your time - more than just a boring vacation sitting on the beach.

Surf Trips to Where?

Obviously the budget comes into play because air fares are not cheap. We all know that. So if the budget is tight and if you are in the States, why not get to know your own country a little more before venturing further afield. Seriously, there is so much to see.

If you have a couple of extra dollars to spare there is always Mexico on the cards. This place definitely has something to offer. Of course, South America is not to far away. I was in Brazil not to long ago and have to say there are beaches that I could definitely get used to.Costa Rica is another destination that you can think about.

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Bali surf packages

Bali is not going to cost you a fortune so you can generally afford to stay here for a good couple of weeks. Go to a good company that organizes these packages and specialize in Bali and you will be sorted. Make sure the people you go to have been around for some time and they are not going to take you for a ride. This happens with every sort of industry. Ask around and check out the reviews. You will be safe that way.


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Bali’s rich cultural heritage, combined with a climate that is conducive to water sports all year round, make the island a destination which many regard as second to none. Both seasoned surfers and beginners can find spots here perfect for all types of surfing. Decide whether you would prefer the wet season (April-November) or dry season surfing.

Sanur is a good spot in the wet season and Keramas offers perfect waves for the experienced surfer. In the dry season, Padang-Padang is a favorite location, but again is for the experienced surfer. Uluwatu, at the southern tip, is great all year round, but can become very crowded.

The best place for the beginner to find surf camps and surfing schools, as well as manageable waves, is Kuta Beach, but this is so popular that it often becomes too crowded and chaotic. A short distance away, Canggu can provide surf camp experiences without the crowds, as well as daily guided ‘surfaris’ to surfing spots around the coast.

surfing in Bali

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There are loads of these packages that you can choose from, once again depending on what you are looking for. Some surf vacation packages are more luxurious than others, if that is your style with classy accommodation and a car to drive you around, but for the average surfer they just want to get out there and start paddling.

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If you are bringing your own surfboard, then you will definitely need one of these covers.

A quick look at safety

Safety is something we tend to glance over when we are traveling by ourselves and this is where you sometimes hear of all those horror stories. However, as a tour operator like this it's their responsibility to look after everyone. When in a foreign country it definitely helps that you can simply ask a guy in charge instead of someone on the street who you don't know from a bar of soap. These guys will also keep an eye out on the surfers. No matter how experienced you are, never underestimate the power of the sea.