If you work online at all you know that having your own site is critical to doing business.  And if you are going to have your own site you need a domain name.  And if you have a domain name  you have to have a web host.  Without the web host it does not matter what kind of domain you have or how great of a web site you have planned.  You have to have a web host!

The thing is that many people don’t really stop and think about their web hosting because they figure that one web  host is as good as the other.  But there can be big differences from one web hosting company to another.  Some provide great customer service while others have very little down time. Some are more easy to use while others appeal more to techy people that want to design all the code themselves.  What kind of web site owner are you?  Beginner, intermediate, or advanced?  These things will affect the kind of web hosting that will be best for you.

Now, how do you find the best web hosting?  Obviously you’re going to talk to people you know.  If you talk to me, I’m going to tell you that I love HostGator. I’ve been using them for about 6 years and have had no major problems.  I love their customer service and I love CPanel, which lets me do things like add new domains, add WordPress, and manage my files quickly and easily.  I love that I can pay easily with PayPal and I can choose to pay monthly or I can pay once a year and get a nice little discount on the price.

But there are others out there that might agree with me.

By all means, talk to people you know and get their opinions.  But don’t forget to check out sites like Web Hosting Deals where you can get solid reviews that cover all the things you want to know about.  The site features reviews by real users and each web host provider is ranked based on a combination of users views and the views of the site owner, Daren.  You can find out which hosts offer a trial, which sites offer discounts, and which sites come with a domain when you purchase hosting from them. 

Web Hosting Deals also has a great blog where you can read up on interesting web hosting related topics.  You can find out more about ways that you can get more traffic to your blog, how to decide whether you should use a site builder, and the best way to choose a domain name.

Does web hosting matter?  It sure does and that is why you should make sure to thoroughly research the web hosts that are available!