In many cities, you'll find by driving around that there are many different deals for parking.  Sure, you can just drive around and look for places to park without a meter, but you'll probably spend many hours with little to no success.

In Nashville you'll notice that many parking lots and garages don't list their prices, conning you into pulling up with no way to get out!  You also could use Google Maps to find prices, but that may not give you complete rates, nor will it tell you about special event parking.

How do I find cheap parking in Nashville?

If you're planning to visit downtown Nashville and need to park a car, the best place to find cheap parking is to use the website  This free website, run by the city, offers up information on most every parking lot including location, access and cost.  It even has special offers for special events and information on alternative transportation such as buses, shared cars and bikes.  The site is highly informative and has great maps and printable information.

How do I catch the Free Bus?

Good Question!  The Nashville MTA offers a free bus called the Music City Circuit that has many pre-defined routes and stops.  You can hop on and off at any time, and this is a great way to save on parking since you can park in a less busy area of town and catch the bus to downtown.  All of the routes meet up at the 1st Avenue Bus Station, which is helpful if you want to change routes.  There is even a smartphone app called RouteShout that can tell you exactly where the bus currently is!

What if I want to park on the street?

While downtown Nashville has many metered parking spots, they are usually full.  If you must find one, you are most likey to find it in the legislative district north of the tourist zone.  Free parking exists in neighborhoods south of Broadway Avenue, north of the legislative district and on 1st and 3rd Avenues south of Demonbreun Avenue.  The 3rd Avenue street parking is just one very short block away from the Music City Circuit free bus.