Finding cheap textbooks can be done by searching your local stores, online book stores, and online. School textbooks or just plain reference books can be quite pricey at times. Especially if they're hardbound and specialized in a specific field of study, these books can cost you a lot. If you'll be needed the textbook for only one semester or just for simple references, you're better off renting them instead of buying them. The question is: where are you going to look for the cheapest textbooks around? Tap into your local store, online store, and other sites to find your textbook.

Things You Will Need

Access to the internet A means of transportation (your feet may do!) A little bit of diligence!

Step 1

Check Local Stores and Compare Prices Not every store offers the same price for the same book, so engage in a little scavenger hunt for the rightly priced book. Your local stores are your best bet for cheap textbooks, especially if you're looking for the right one to use. They can be discounted if you look enough, so the wise decision is to look for your books months before you're going to use them, so that you don't waste any time. Also, most of these stores offer rental services, so check that out if you don't need the book for a long period of time and only for that particular semester. Your local stores provide you the convenience of getting your book the moment you buy them, which is an instant process you might enjoy if you don't like waiting for your book to come in the mail.

Step 2

Check Online Stores The next step once you've exhausted the local stores and still couldn't find the book that meets your budget is to search online. There are many stores that offer your digital and physical copies of the book you want. They are shipped to you in a matter of days, which makes this convenient. Just like your local stores, make sure you visit more than one online book store. Prices differ and you may be lucky to get a discount if the book's under a promotion.

Step 3

Check Online and get Free Textbooks Sometimes, the material you'll be using for your classes are in the public domain or perhaps available for your reading. These books can be accessed online through sites such as the Gutenberg Project and Google Books where you can check out for your references. Why spend when you can get some of the textbooks for free? This will save you money spent on books otherwise found online (especially those of classical literature, where their copyright has expired and thus making them available online for free).
If you're looking for cheap textbooks, then you should always check out your local store, online store, or for textbooks online. It is important that you do a comparative search before you buy anything so you can get the best prices for your book. Renting is still an option you can consider, especially if you consider the necessity of the book. The bottom line is: always look well before you buy your book. In finding the textbooks you need, always consider its availability for free online in order to cut down on the time you spend looking for it in stores.

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