Shared servers provide a great way to start a website at low cost. However, all successful websites need to upgrade their hosting plans at some point. VPS hosting is becoming popular with every passing day because it offers features similar to dedicated servers but at a much lower cost. This is a true blessing for people who can't afford to rent a dedicated server but still want better security and more resources than a shared server. If your website keeps crashing every other day due to excessive CPU usage then you should go for VPS hosting.

Here are some of the important things that you should keep in mind before paying for a virtual private server:


The memory of your server is the most important thing and an insufficient amount can lead your website to disaster. If you are upgrading from a shared server and/or your website is not too big then 256 mb of RAM should be sufficient. If your website is very popular then you should go for at least 512 mb. Also, make sure you include a decent amount of burstable memory to your web hosting package. This memory is used when the ordinary memory runs out. In other words if a website hosted on a virtual private server gets a sudden traffic surge and the ordinary memory runs out, then burstable memory kicks in. This amazing technology prevents downtime and gives you peace of mind.

Control Panel

When buying a hosting package, always include cPanel. You might have to pay some extra money for this but it will make your life much easier. Other control panels may cause a lot of confusion. You should be spending time on producing quality content rather then learning about a new interface and its features.


It goes without saying that your website will perform best if its server has a powerful processor. You should choose as much computing power as your budget can allow. Without the necessary power, you website might keep crashing.

The Host

The reputation of a particular host is an important thing that every webmaster should consider before paying for a virtual private server. However, most people don't understand it's significance. There are three main qualities that a hosting company should have. First, the response time should be lower so that you can get your technical issues solved in time. Second, the host shouldn't have any adult material on its servers. Third, the host shouldn't be involved in any shady practices like overselling etc.

VPS combines the power of dedicated hosting with the affordability of shared servers. If you keep the above mentioned things in mind, then you'll be able to buy a better virtual private server for your site.

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