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Shopping for a woman's first motorcycle can be an arduous task in itself.  Women riders, with their smaller bodyweight, less strength, and shorter reach, have different needs than their male counterparts, and as such, should be careful when considering all of the options available on the market right now.

Here are a few tips to consider when you go shopping for your first woman's motorcycle:

1) Don't Stick With the "Women's" Motorcycles

As more and more women get into motorcycle riding, manufacturers are beginning to come out with "women's versions" of their most popular bikes.  Don't get me wrong - one of these might be a great bike for you but there are many other lightweight, small motorcycles out there (many for a better price) for you to try.  Make sure to check out both men and women's bikes and see what fits you and your body best.

2) Don't Buy a Motorcycle Because It's Cute

Yes, I know that it's stereotypical to say this but some women are still driven by how "cute" or "pretty" something is and never consider its usefulness or accessibility. (Think high heel shoes and you'll know exactly what I mean.)  When it comes to motorcycles, it's important that you find the one that "fits" your body and your needs best.  Keep this on the forefront of your mind when you start shopping for your bike.
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3) Shop Around

Don't feel pressured to buy the first motorcycle you see or buy something from the first store you enter.  Shop around and see what other shops and manufacturers have available.  You'd be surprised at the sheer amount of bikes on the market today and it's your job to weed your way them to find the right one for you. 

4) Bring an Informed Friend

When you head out to the motorcycle shops, bring an experience rider along for the ride.  They'll be able to point out things that you, as a novice rider, don't notice.  They'll also know what to ask the salesman and help you interpret confusing sales literature.
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5) Size Matters

When you go shopping for your first motorcycle, there are two things that you must keep in mind – seat height and weight of the bike.  The seat height is self-explanatory - if your feet can't reach the ground comfortably, you'll never be able to keep it upright or under control. 

Weight of the bike is super important when it comes to novice riders.  You don't want a bike that is too heavy or you'll never keep it balanced or controlled when going around a curve or turn.  Also, if you lay your bike down, you need to be able to safely pick it back up without hurting yourself. 

6) Get Interactive With the Bikes

Don't be afraid to sit on the motorcycles and see how they feel.  Each one will feel different – different reaches, different balances, and different heights.  You need to find the one that feels right to you and your body. 

So, have a seat, put your feet on the floor, and lift it up off of its stand.  Do your feet reach the ground easily? Does it feel top-heavy?  Are the controls easy to access?  When your hands are on the handgrips, are you in a comfortable position?  Is the seat comfortable?  Remember, you're going to be stuck in that spot for a long time!

Whatever motorcycle you pick, make sure to buy the correct accessories and safety equipment to go along with it.  Also, learn how to ride from an expert and take your time so you can enjoy your new hobby while staying 100% safe.