For many women, shopping for long evening dresses is an incredibly daunting task. This style is generally reserved for only the most formal of occasions and, as they are worn so rarely, many women do not know where to begin when shopping for this type of formal wear. Whether you are looking for an outfit for a specific event, like a gala or a prom, or hope to invest in a staple formal gown that you can wear any time the occasion arises, the following tips can help you find the perfect dress for your style and body type.

Classic Shapes and Styles For Formal Dressing

Those who are looking for long dresses that will never go out of style should opt for one of the classic shapes that are at the height of fashion year after year. Plain, strapless dresses are one such option, whether they feature a full, ball gown skirt or a more modern, fitted silhouette. The key to wearing a strapless dress well is all in the fit. Make sure that you have the proper undergarments to keep you securely in the dress, and get it tailored to avoid the chances that it will slide down while you are wearing it.

Another great, classic option is the sheath. This is a season-neutral option that will look perfect anywhere from summer weddings to end of the year winter parties. If you are uncomfortable bearing your arms, invest in a shawl in a solid color that can provide you with a bit more cover. It is generally a good idea to opt for a relatively plain, unadorned style. This way, you will have more flexibility with accessories to keep your dress on trend. It will also enable you to dress it up or down more as the occasion calls for.

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Shopping For Long Evening Dresses

Always try these dresses on before making your purchase. In many cases, they are sized a size or two smaller than street clothing, so do not be surprised if it seems that you are having difficulty finding the right fit. Also, when you are shopping, it is a good idea to bring a pair of heels with you. This will give you a more accurate sense of how long the dress must be, how much tailoring will be required, and how the dress will look proportionally. It is also wise to wear some makeup when you are in the dressing room to get a real sense of how great you will look in your dress of choice.