Finding the best shoe for your feet can be a hard task to accomplish. You will need to know some basic things before you go out and buy a shoe. Here are some tips on looking for the perfect shoe. Read on.

Things You Will Need

Time to Shop

Step 1

You will need to go to a store that you enjoy shopping at or go to a store that is known for manufacturing good shoes. Find a pair that you may want to buy.

Step 2

If they are heels, figure out how high the shoe is and make sure you are comfortable walking with them.

Step 3

Know what you want to buy the shoe for. Shoes are used for running, style, parties, professional wear, classical, dance wear, etc.

Step 4

Look at the price of the shoe before you think about buying them. Think about if the price is really worth you making this money.

Step 5

Make sure that you try the show on before you buy it. The shoe should feel comfortable on your feet. Try walking, jumping and other activities that you may be with your shoe on. They should not fall off easily or hurt your toes.

Step 6

Think about what color you will want to get and if that is right for you. Black is the color that will not leave much marks or dirt. White will leave many dirt marks if you are not careful.

Step 7

If they are what you want and everything deserves a check mark you can go ahead and buy them.

Tips & Warnings