My wedding was all planned out when my fiance and I found out we were going to have a baby. It was incredibly exciting news, but I was going to be seven months pregnant when we tied the knot! What was I going to wear? How would I find a maternity wedding dress? And how would I know what size to buy? If you are pregnant and wondering what to wear down the aisle, here are some tips on where to find a beautiful dress that will be comfortable, flattering, and have you looking stunning on your wedding day.

Looking for maternity bridal dresses will specifically take into account your needs because, well, they are made with pregnant women in mind. Through hidden paneling, extra length, adjustable straps, and comfortable fabrics, several designers are incorporating maternity into their bridal lines. Jessica Iverson launched Maternity Bride in 2004, a Greek-goddess inspired line of bridal dresses that are flowy and light. Most of the dresses register in at under $1000 with alterations, and allows for many customizable alternatives.

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The company's new Eco Couture line is also adding more options for expectant brides who are looking for dresses made from environmentally friendly materials. Though based out of Santa Barbara, California, Maternity Bride offers a sample-on-loan program by mail, so you can try on dresses nationwide. Sarah Houston is another example of a designer who has launched a romantic maternity bridal collection.

You can also try looking for wedding dress alternatives. You don't have to wear a satin white gown to be a radiant bride. There are many gorgeous cocktail dresses and other maternity formalwear that will flatter a pregnant figure while providing the right fit and a variety of design options for your taste. Special Occasion Maternity offers many such alternatives, but don't forget to check out department stores and your favorite maternity boutiques too!

If you still want a traditional wedding dress, set up a consultation at a bridal boutique that has a seasoned alterations specialist (this is key).

If you explain your situation ahead of time, the right consultants will know how to better assist you, and the seamstress or tailor will be able to give recommendations on proper size projection and feasibility of alterations. For example, you will want to look for high-waisted styles (many grecian-inspired and destination wedding styles offer this), and unless you are petite, order extra length for the front, since your belly will require more fabric than the back.

The downside of this option is that no one will be able to predict how you will develop, not even your doctor. You can project, however, to have a dress that is too big sized down. If you are usually a medium, dress size 6 or 8, you may be recommended to order something like a 14 for the added waist.

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Someone experienced with alterations will know by how many inches each dress size increases, and what kind of work would need to go into sizing down the rest. You will want to cut your alterations as close to the wedding date as possible.

Overall, remember that you don't need to be swimming in the fabric of a tent-like muu muu on your special day. Show off the features you love the most. Play up your hair and makeup. Consider your best attributes. For many women, pregnancy will be a perfect opportunity to wear a deeply plunged neckline to flaunt a nicely shaped bosom. For others this might be the time to highlight toned arms with a halter or strapless style, or nice legs through a tea-length dress.

Whatever your style, gone are the days of pregnant women having to hide behind frumpy dresses. Enjoy shopping through all of the available dresses that will gracefully accentuate your new body, and congratulations on two accounts!

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