You can use vinyl wall stickers to make a really big statement in your space. If you go with removable wall stickers you can really use this in an apartment. Oftentimes apartments also seem a little bit bland. The paint is probably just a basic white or taupe tone. You may have restrictions as to what kind of artwork you can hang up in the space so that you don't make a lot of holes in the walls. This is a way to really make your room feel decorated on a budget and it works in all different kinds of design styles.

When you first use vinyl wall art stickers they have a tendency to feel very modern and contemporary which is perfect for a lot of the design styles that are popular right now. However, you also might want to just make it a lot more welcoming. In this case you want to go for more of that country style. In fact even fun bird houses come in these kind of decals.

The great thing about this is that birdhouses are a very common motif in country decor. It's something that you see in a lot of accessories both indoors and out. Plus, it can even appear on furniture or just wallpaper borders. This can seem a little bit cliché at times. However really just changing it up by the application and just using it in one area in the room can make it seem a lot more sophisticated. If you just stick with a basic wood tone or even go for one color this is going to keep it looking contemporary. If you went for more of a realistic looking version with kind of a painted look this is instantly going to seem more juvenile. It might be more suited for a kids room.

You can also really find removable wall stickers that are going to be functional. In this case, you can just get a clock face that uses these. Then paste the numbers around this although you will have to be very specific with it. This can be one of your more expensive options. However, it just takes an ordinary decorative clock and really elevates it into something that most people haven't seen before.

You can even use this in an office for a stylish organization solution. You can find a lot of chalkboard stickers. These can be smaller and inexpensive at the dollar store. In this case, you might want to use several of them. This can have a very ornate frame around it for more of a vintage kind of effect. However, you can also go with a wall calendar although you will need to check the directions to see what kind of marker you can use on this or how you can really make it work instead of just being a purely decorative piece.

Another style of wall art stickers really is going to be purely decorative. In this case this is a conversation piece in the room. This is something that really makes people smile. In fact, you can even find a lot of these pieces that mimic favorite video games such as Mario Brothers, Tetris, or Pong. This can of course work in a kids space but since these are retro games it can also work in living areas. It's just a very fun piece that you can take down later on.