There are hundreds of different styles, shapes, and materials used for table desks today. Wood table desks are by far the most popular kind and can be purchased at most home depots and furniture stores. There are many different grades of wood that can be used for this kind of furniture and the prices can vary between a hundreds to thousands of dollars. Lower grade woods are usually quite cheap but they tend to rot and crack over time. High quality wood is usually a lot more expensive but it can last for generations if kept properly. High grade wooden that is kept for a long time is referred to as antique furniture, these kinds are very expensive and sometimes they can be worth thousands of dollars. Some table desks are so old that they can be traced back to the Victorian era.

Oak is a good example of a high quality wood table desk. It is strong and extremely durable and can last for years if kept in the right conditions. Although it is more expensive than other kinds of woods, it is still considered affordable for high grade wood and can be afforded my most households. Mahogany can also be used, but it is far more expensive than oak and will require a large budget. This kind of wood is exceptionally beautiful and it is popularly used for high-class environments.

Pine wood is popularly used as a lower grade wood for making table desks. It is much cheaper than mahogany and oak so buying the furniture will come at a much lower price. Because pine is so abundant, usually furniture made from it is mass produced and can be purchased on a large scale. If you need to by a large amount of furniture but don't have a lot of money to spend, then you may want to purchase pine wood.

Very budgeted wooden desks usually come in the form of either plywood or press board. Ply wood is a very cheap type of wood but it is extremely weak and can easily warp when placed under pressure. Press boards are much stronger and made from sawdust being compressed and then wrapped to form the board. This style is popularly used in many kinds of desks and they can last for a fairly long time. However, if the outer layer peels off then the wooden chips in the board will become exposed and they may fall out.