When most people buy a car there are a couple of different numbers  associated with the car that people will commit to memory. Most people can remember the license plate number and generally they will remember the year of their car as well. Though, memorizing your VIN or vehicle identification number is something that most people don’t commit to memory. Knowing how to find your vehicle identification number could come in handy in certain situations.

A vehicle registration number is composed of 17 characters which are a mixture of digits and capital letters to uniquely identify every vehicle.  The only exception to a vehicle registration number not being 17 characters long is a vehicle made before 1981. The vehicle registration number is used to track recalls, warranty claims, insurance coverage and theft of any vehicle.

Find the VIN number inside of your car or automobile

The VIN or vehicle identification number is found on several places of a car, truck or automobile. The VIN number is found on the dashboard of any automobile on the driver’s side. The corner where the windshield meets that dash is where the manufacturer has located the VIN number. There are also other locations around the car to check VIN numbers. One of the other locations is right inside of the driver’s side door post. The easiest way to check the VIN number is on the door post by opening up the driver’s side door and checking the post.

Find the VIN number on your auto insurance card

When you buy car insurance or automobile insurance to verify what car is actually covered by the insurance the insurance company will have the VIN or vehicle registration number labeled on the insurance card. In addition to the insurance card the vehicle registration number is found on the insurance papers received with insurance coverage.

The insurance coverage can change with a car, but the VIN number will always stay the same.

Find the VIN number on your vehicle title and registration

A title to a car or vehicle will detail the make and model of a car as well as the VIN. The title may change hands, the address can change, but the vehicle registration number on the title and registration information stays the same.

VINs or vehicle identification numbers never change like a license plate number. Therefore, getting a new car, new insurance or changing the car title to another owner  will not change the VIN.

This is an example of a VIN number