Having a handyman on speed dial is a must. You never know when something may break down, or you need a little addition, or you may not have the expensive tools required to do something right. Finding a handyman is easy but finding a realiable handyman is the difficult part. It's very important to know how to choose the right handyman for your needs and wants.

When you meet your local handyman there are many questions you should has him / her. Alot handymen wll hand over this information willingly, making the meet and greet process that much easier,but it is VERY important that you ask all the questions. At minimum you will need to get this information:

  • * A history and refreences of a sampling for work for this praticluar handyman. And if he has done work that you are looking to have done even better.
  • * Check to see if he has any credentials, certifications, insurance, tax number(s), business licesnce, etc. If he doesn't and he performs work on your house and something goes wrong then your home insurance may not cover it.
  • * Customer testimonials is very important and most handymen will brag about them if they have them.

It is also greatly recommended whenever selecting a handyman for any handyman job that you:

1. Speak with at least 3 different handymen. Get quotations on cost and estimates on how long it will take to complete your list of jobs.

2.Do a walk throuh of the house with the handyman. Point out every one of the tasks on your list. It'll give him/her the chance to find out, and better comprehend your expectations and wants for the job.

3. Find out what's included in the cost, for instance: Are they charging you a minimum fee or a callout fee? Is it possible to buy the building materials your self, instead of paying for the handyman's time to go to the hardware store to buy the material and drive all the way back as they might charge for milliage on their truck?

4. Expect to have very good service. Expect excellent timekeeping. Expect fair negotiation.

5. Expect cleanliness. Not like our significant others you should expect and should get a handyman that cleas up after themselves and puts things back in there place.

6. You should also expect to have constant communication through the whole process of the projcect as the hanyman may not have understood something at the begining of the project.

Good luck in finding the perfect handyman as we all have a handyman job to get done!!