Complementing both his natural charisma and authoritative hairpiece masterpiece is a relentless demeanor that has catapulted a near decade long television show that is founded upon two of the most powerful business decisions that can ever be made. Whether he chooses to bestow onto a much deserving apprentice the reward of being hired, or he single-handedly crushes the dreams of someone in a carefree, yet anticlimactic, manner, Donald Trump has solidified himself as a man that is not to be messed with.

In the business world, one staunch reality and necessary evil that Mr. Trump can testify to is the fact that sometimes being a boss means having to fire someone. With the best interest of a company at heart, individual performance can be directly tied to both the success and growth of the company, as well as, the motivation of peers and the fostering of a generally healthy work environment. If someone has proven consistently that they are incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities of their job, it may be necessary to cut them loose....Donald Trump style. Follow the steps in this Info Barrel article in order to fire people like Donald Trump!

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Realize that firing someone isn't something that should be fun, or to have pleasure derived from. Even Donald Trump would recognize that firing someone can inherently alter the lives of real human beings who, in this economy, oftentimes struggle just to make ends meet. No one wants to be jobless, but, on the same token, Donald Trump would also recognize that their are legitimate reasons for firing someone. Whether their presence fosters a general environment of discord and discontent in the workplace, or their under performance causes their company to be directly affected negatively, cutting someone loose by firing them Donald Trump style may be the best way to approach a situation that no one ever wants to face.

Step 2

Donald Trump never beats around the bush when it comes to firing someone. Instead of leaving a lingering sense of awkwardness or being flat-out unclear about his intentions, when Donald Trump fires someone he does so in a quick, to-the-point, type of way. Rather than subjecting the firing recipient to a 30 minute long lecture about good performance and bad performance, Donald Trump immediately tells someone what they did wrong and that they are fired. Within context of his show, he may even allow the person to plead their case, had he not made his decision yet. When you are ready to fire someone, however, it is an assumption that you have already looked at all the available evidence and have allowed the firing recipient to plead his or her case already.

Step 3

In this economy, it can be difficult to separate one's self from a compassionate alter ego that may second guess yourself in the heat of the moment. Donald Trump doesn't second guess himself. If you want to fire someone like Donald Trump, you must be absolutely 110% sure of your decision, and you must be willing to act on it immediately. Weakness of a leader or boss can be conveyed if you display uncertainty. Beyond uncertainty, it does the firee a great injustice if his or her firing doesn't occur immediately.

Step 4

Making eye contact is a very powerful thing. When firing someone like Donald Trump, does this will convey certainty and, believe it or not, regard and respect for the individual and their time. Dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the firing, a good boss may also recommend a firee for a different job opportunity that would be more suited to their working skills and attributes. A positive work environment can be negatively affected by an introvert, however, a more suitable and appropriate job may be had in a different department. All to many times, within context of his hit television show, immediately after firing an individual, Donald Trump went ahead and hired them for a position that he believed they would be more suited for. If you believe that someone won't make a good fit, at all, to your company, than a boss is, by no means, required to offer a firee another job.

Step 5

Once the firing deed has been accomplished, Donald Trump doesn't second guess himself or wonder "what if". In the best interest of a company, firing should be done decisively and deliberately with no room for second guessing.

Step 6

Last, but not least, firing someone like Donald Trump should not occur before conferring with individuals that you trust. When you do this, the assumption is that the people that you trust to advise you will also have the best interest, goals, and missions of the company you work for (or own) at heart. Just like Donald Trump has both his son and daughter flanking him to both sides, so also should you, as a boss, seek the input and feedback of others that you trust. While firing someone will ultimately be your decision, conferring with others can also reinforce your sense of ownership in your decision. Weigh what they say, make a list if necessary, and be absolutely decisive about the decision you make.
As you can see from this Info Barrel article, Donald Trump has become a well respected and powerful business man for many reasons. While he has been known to show compassion when it is warranted, once his decisions regarding firing have been made, he never ever second guess himself. When firing someone, he looks them directly into the eye, and leaves absolutely no room for confusion or uncertainty, in the mind of the firee, with regards to what occurred.

Tips & Warnings

Firing someone can be a critical point in someone's life, and should not be taken lightly. There is never a good time to get fired, but sometimes it is a necessary evil for one reason or another. Remember to make any firing decision you make absolutely deliberate, and don't entertain questions or follow on discussion. Once firing has occurred, request that the firee leave your office. Any action that you allow, after the act of firing, can cause you to second guess yourself and your decision.