Spring cleaning is not a fun task, but the end result is more than worth the effort you put in.

Spring Cleaning(95024)Credit: Big Stock PhotoPicking up your home now and then is a vastly different process than Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning usually means a huge overhaul of your home and its appearance. If you are like many other families, your life is already packed full of things to do, so here are some common Spring cleaning tasks you can break up into different days and times to make the massive cleaning project more manageable in your already busy schedule.

Highs and Lows

When you are doing your weekly or monthly clean up, you probably do not pay much attention to what is far below and far above your head. During Spring Cleaning is the time to make sure you dust all high flat surfaces like windowsills that are above your head, or blades on ceiling fans. The same is true for what is down on the floor, including the areas underneath your couch and the floorboards of your home. By dusting and wiping down the floor boards you make your home truly look clean, and it enhances the appearance of your clean floors, too. If your floorboards are particularly stubborn, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does a great job of removing scuffs and other marks. Just get the eraser damp, then rub it on the stubborn spots and usually they lift right off. This is true of regular scuff marks, but also tougher things like permanent marker, too.

Daily Clutter

Your everyday life often means you’ll have little piles of things sprinkled here and there throughout your house. These piles are not a big deal when it is just you and your loved ones at home, but those piles mean your house has some basic level of clutter you are always surrounded by. Spring cleaning is a great time to reduce this daily clutter by going through piles, throwing out what you truly do not need and finding a way to organize what you do need to keep on hand.

Some areas that are prone to cluttering include the bathroom and kitchen counters. If you have a handful of items you use daily in these areas, create a special space for them where they are contained. For example, you can put the everyday bathroom items in a nice basket on your counter. This way your items are easily accessible, but out of the way and neatly stowed so they are not an eyesore. In the kitchen, consider the same type of technique but maybe with different storage options. Consider making a “coffee tray” where you have your entire coffee arsenal readily available, but neatly put on a tray just for those items. This also makes cleaning up after your coffee maker easier, because even with the most steady hand you sometimes spill coffee grounds or freshly brewed coffee and it will likely be contained by the tray you are using to contain your coffee accoutrements.

Vacuum Attachments

Vacuums come with attachments, but many people have no idea what they are supposed to be used for. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to find out and break in those attachments that have never been used. These attachments are often used to reach into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your couches or other types of furniture. They can also be used to bring new life to your older furniture by brushing the upholstery while cleaning them at the same time. This way you are not just cleaning, but also giving your well-loved couch a fresher look that will make the house look more presentable overall.

Deep Cleaning Carpets

Whether you steam clean your carpets yourself with a rental machine, one you own, or even pay someone else to do it for you, deep cleaning your carpets is something you will not regret. All winter long you and your family have tracked the wet rain throughout your home and while you can clean laminate and tile floors relatively easily, carpet is much harder to clean thoroughly. Taking the time to steam clean your carpets, whether professionally, or on your own with a steam cleaner for personal use will pay huge dividends. If you choose to do the work yourself the water you dump down the drain will disgust you, so be forewarned. The dark murky liquid shows how much benefit you get from deep cleaning your plush carpets. The nice thing about doing this project yourself is that you can break it up into batches and do a section of your home every weekend until the project is done.

Dusting Nooks and Crannies

Once you are done handling the high and low spots of your home, it is time to remember the nooks and crannies. These are those ever-present areas of your home that are in corners and recessed areas of things like your dressers, kitchen cabinets and bathroom storage areas. Taking some wood polish to these areas makes things look like new again and gives your home a truly pulled together look. Do not forget the stairways either. If you have wooden stair rails, they dull quickly with dust and everyday use. If you are dusting without any polish this is an easy task to give to a child, as well. Just hand them a clean microfiber cloth, show them what you need them to do by demonstrating on the first few spindles and set them off to work. The younger kids may even enjoy this simple task and take it off your to do list quickly and simply.

Windows and Sills

If you don’t do windows, others do and offer plenty of Spring cleaning specials. If you have a two-story home, this is a perfect project to hand off to professionals. If you are hiring someone to clean your windows make sure they are insured, because their business insurance should cover if there is a problem and the window ends up broken. Wiping down window sills is another great way to add a clean finishing touch to your home and is easily done with a wet washcloth and a bit of your preferred household cleaner on the cloth.

As you can tell, a truly definitive Spring cleaning is a process and takes time. Plan your projects day by day, write them down to keep you honest and seek help from the others in your home. There is no rule that Spring cleaning has to be done in one day, one week, or even during Springtime. Make this project fit in your life so you are able to relax and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.